Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Workin' Woman is a Happy Woman.......

OK, OK---I'm just kiddin'!  Although I do think it is true.

There was considerable angst after returning from the county clerk's office today.  It seems we were able to successfuly obtain a license plate for one of our vehicles, but not the other.  It seems yours truly could not produce the proper documentation...thus, there is more work to do in that regard before we can reapply.  Sigh.

When we returned home, the Cinderoo decided to work off her frustrations by trimming the hedges.  This, of course, met with my approval, since that meant I would not have to do it.  Snicker.  And hey---she does good work!  ;)

The Hedges Need Trimming.  Let Cindy Do It!

I Love To See Her Workin' Because I Know She Is Happy!

Ahhh.......The Fruits Of Her Labors All Bagged Up

The Tools Of The Trade.  Heh  heh..........

Much Neater Now, Don't You Think?

Cindy Does Good Work

There are Still These to Trim Tomorrow.  I Shall Be Available to Supervise  ;)
Cindy just came inside saying she is tired.  I wonder why she gave me that look when I asked her what she is preparing for dinner?   Hmmmmm.   :)


  1. It was truly fun to be outside in Tennessee and being around familiar vegetation. I even saw two lightening bugs, I can't remember when I last saw one ... hope I see some brightening up the night sky!

    (I grew up calling them lightening bugs, fireflies for others. :-) )

  2. You are too funny! You should take Cindy out for dinner for all her hard work.

  3. I wonder why she gave you a funny look?
    It's good to see you settling down after the move.

  4. I call them lightening bugs too! Nice hedges! Yep, Clint, I'd say a dinner out is definitely a good idea.

    And by the way, I like the rocks. :)

  5. Do you think it is a good idea to antagonize a women with power tools?

  6. It's true :)

    Hi Clint and Cindy, nice to see you are settling down and enjoying your new home.

  7. Haha....Well I have to admit your title is completely true! I feel so much more positive when I'm accomplishing something.
    Now go take her out for dinner!!!

  8. Cindy - you're the new Edward Scissorhands! (No thanks to Clint!)

    But I agree, nothing like working outside to make you feel satisfied.

    We have lightening bugs here too. I glance outside and see little pin-points of light near the pond and it always surprises me for a moment. :)

  9. I think Cindy is so beautiful and you are one very blessed man.. With Cindy in the front yard you don't need any ornaments..

  10. Cindy absolutely does some beautiful work! She deserves a night of relaxation at her favorite restaurant...and for you to wait on her once you get back home, of course!!

  11. Wow what a huge difference and looks good too. Clint you are so funny! :)
    I wasn't going to say this but since Kimberly has said it .... I kind of like the white rocks too! lol!

  12. Thank's for the smile you gave me...

    She really works hard, so you could cook for her *smile*

  13. Oh you are BAD BAD BAD. So what did you eventually cook for dinner? *snicker*

  14. hahaha oh Clint *sigh* Gotta love you guys.

  15. Clint this is true. I love working around the farm. When something is bothering me working hard always makes it better. I will then be concentrating on my aches and pains not the problem I had before.
    I would not like to make dinner for you either. "MEN" just kidding. LOL B