Thursday, May 12, 2011

God's Sense of Humor.......

We Love the Japanese Maple by Our Front Porch
When I look back on the things that happen to us on an almost daily basis,  I realize that The Big Guy is often playing with us.  I can just see Him laughin' at our predicaments.

And We Love the Clematis Growing Around the Mailbox

Like this one:

When we first saw our soon-to-be new home, we loved everything about it except three things.  The first was the fact that the owner had placed several hundred white rocks as borders around the lawn.  Cindy hated the way her eyes were drawn to the out-of-place white rocks and told me they would have to go.
Cindy Says the White Rocks Have to Go
The second thing was the beautiful weeping cherry tree.  The problem with that is the fact that the previous owners had planted it right smack dab in the middle of the yard.  It will grow to be over 30 feet tall and will block out the view of the home.  It has to go, as well.
More White Rocks
The third thing is the miniature birch tree at the corner of our home.  It is already 20 feet tall---and still growing.  And what's more, it was planted too close to the house and now has limbs touching the corner of the home as well as the roof.  It has to go, also.
More White Rocks
Now, for the humorous part of all this. 

A Robin's Nest in the Weeping Cherry
The day before we moved in, we were in the front yard talking with the outgoing home owners.  Lovey couple.  The man said he was most proud of the white rocks he had used all over the lawn as borders for the flower beds.  He spoke of the rocks as if they were large diamonds.  He gushed when he told of how it was his idea and how he thought they were the perfect touch.
The "Miniature" Birch Isn't so Miniature
The lady raved about her beautiful weeping cherry tree in the middle of the yard and how proud she was of it.  Cindy and I just looked at each other.  You could have knocked us over with a feather when she applied the coup-de-grace....."There are robin's nests with eggs in both the weeping cherry and the miniature birch".

Well, of course, when Cindy and I had a chance to talk privately we could not believe that the three things we planned to do away with were the three things the previous homeowners loved the most.  And, naturally, we would not be able to do away with the trees until the baby birds were raised and out of the nests.

Yes, God has a wonderful sense of humor.  Sigh.


  1. awww... one man's treasure is another man's trash in this case. so sad... i hope the previous owners have moved far away and don't have any friends or relatives that will rat you out once you destroy their former lovelies...

    (and i don't think the white rocks are that bad at all! and i'd leave that cherry tree too. now the one close to the house, i'll give you that one...)

  2. It's good I can laugh a little reading your blog today. You did forget the additional WHITE ROCKS that were placed around the one dogwood tree out back.

    At three rocks per trash bag a week, how many weeks is it gonna take to get rid of the rocks? There are sooo heavy. Another very good reason to not have rocks is things that slither (SNAKES) love rocks as their hiding place.

    Of course we could never disturb an occupied bird's nest.

    P.S. Those stick-on numbers on our mail box have to go, too.

  3. You've got a nice new home, Clint. We can sing a song from big trees in front of our house.

    The trees now have a range of more than 2 meters and are huge. Moreover, they are protected and may not be made just so. So I would remove the trees at your house as long as they are still so small (once the birds have left.

    I hope my English is correctly, I use the translator sometimes.
    Greetings Sabine

  4. Put the rocks on craigslist for free and the person who comes to get them has to remove them. That way they are out of there and you do not have to do the work. The problem would be if the old owner would be the one to call on them ;)

  5. New arrivals in your trees for the new arrivals of the house how fitting.
    Take care.

  6. Well it definitely is a different strokes situation. I kind of like the rocks and can you imagine the effort involved in laying them out?? Guess you can since you will be taking them out.
    When the people who sold me my house came to call, the husband was horrified at what I had done while the wife was delighted. You just can't please them all so please yourself.

  7. Just a note...beautiful garden and flowers

    Bless you

  8. Oh well, I see you have had trouble too and all your comments are gone :-((

    So Iam going to write once more...

    You have a beautiful garden and yes, because I know how much work it is to lay down rocks, they must be diamonds for outgoing owner...and for sure, if you are ready with moving, you too *smile*

    Have a beautiful weekend and greetings

  9. I wrote the first time around, sad we lost comments.
    Strange the trees you wanted to get rid of have new life there......looks like a good omen for you.
    Have a good week-end.

  10. Oh I love the picture of the robin's nest in the cherry tree! But is ironic about "the three things". :)

  11. Hi Clint -

    Thank you. This was a sweet read.

    The pleasure of GOD and His creatures. Bliss...

  12. Oh, how God's plans differ from our own sometimes! Haha...couldn't help but smile while reading.
    Blessings :)