Monday, May 9, 2011


After the ordeal of having our home on the market for 10 months, going through over 150 showings, and experiencing all of the emotional ups and downs of looking for a new home, worrying about finances and wondering if we would ever get through it, I can now reflect on the experience and report my thoughts.

First, I must say that my faith played a most prominent role in this journey.  When we first listed our home for sale, I knew that there would be trying times.  I reminded myself that I should always focus on God throughout the process.  After all, in the story of David and Goliath, the bible clearly describes how David never even gave the slightest thought to Goliath and what a seeming mismatch that contest appeared to be.  No, David's only thoughts were of God.  David knew that God would lead him to victory if he let Him.  That was my sole focus during our moving process.

I am not a very patient person.  I quickly figured out that God wanted to teach me to be more patient by forcing me to quietly endure the trying storms of maddening stress and doubt.  Throughout, my focus was on Him and the sure knowledge that He would lead us through in His good time.  And He surely did.

When we were looking for a new home in Knoxville and we could not find anything suitable in our price range, at the last minute He brought us to a property that was exactly what we needed.

So, I guess the first lesson for me in this moving ordeal is to always put God first in all I do.  That way, He can lead me forward in the manner He deems best for my growth.  It is pointless to try to do things by myself, trying to force my will on the outcome.  I am only in His way when I do that.  Trusting in Him completely frees me up from worry.

The next lesson I learned from our move is that major change, while often painful, is the most mind-expanding and growth-generating thing imaginable.  Change forces us to confront new challenges and overcome them.  It frees us from our comfortable ruts.  Those comfy ruts of life can kill you, you know.  Think about it.

Here in a new environment, we must learn new ways of doing things.  We are forced to meet new people, make new friends, discover new sights and sounds, learn new routes, etc.  There will be a new doctor, dentist, neighbors, church, etc.  This change makes us grow; makes our minds work at learning.

Of course, all of this is honest and true philosophy.  Having said that, I don't ever wanna move again!!!


  1. A great post, honey. I'm with you, I don't wanna ever move again either! Gettin' too old for this kinda stuff!

    (May our next 'move' not involve earthly possessions)

  2. Whoa! I needed that post this morning! Since God called my husband to start a church two counties over, I never dreamed we would even entertain the thought of ever moving again. This is scary in these economic times but we know we're going on faith right now.

  3. Great post Clint! It's true change does bring us more faith and trust. God bless!

  4. Great post Clint! So well said and beautiful! I'm happy you guys are at the point where you are...we have been discussing moving but not sure one we're up for it or makes sense right now...

  5. "always put God first in all I do" Amen!
    I'm very happy for you two. A brand new start and challenges can be healthy. I don't like moving but we have a few more times/years perhaps before we no longer have to move. Your house looks great and I'm sure you will enjoy the new scenery. Have a great week!

  6. while i was reading this, i kept thinking exactly what your last line said! ha!!!

  7. Beautiful and wise! Most changes during our 7 moves were welcomed; however, it wasn't always so easy as we moved 4 kids around! The last 3 moves were without kids and "new beginnings" for John and me as we started new jobs. When we made this final move back to Dallas in 1998, I made the statement that my next move would be "feet first in a pine box". We are so thankful to have known you and Cindy while you were here, and hope to see you in your beautiful new surroundings of East TN someday!

  8. A wonderful post Clint and glad for you the move is completed.
    Take care.

  9. Coward :-). I'm glad you are settled and ready to begin your new life. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  10. Great post!!

    thank you very much for your visit at my blog.

    I say..the Lord is my shepard..i am not afraid..whatever is or will happen.I wish you a great summer!!Many hugs and kiss

  11. Great post, Clint.....I look forward to many interesting stories as you and Cindy explore your new home. God bless!

  12. Hi Clint -

    Thank you for this post today. It holds special meaning for me - indeed!

    Glad that our Lord got you through it, and that you are a better person for the experience.

    That is so like our Lord....

  13. Oh well, I know this feeling and over here it was so different for me because of a new language.

    But I think, you both will make it very fast at your place...finding new friend and so on, because your heart is open for all new in the world, specially new people. Your heart is full of love.


  14. This is a timely post for me, Clint.

    Thank you for sharing your reflections. Mind expanding, growth inducing... yes indeed. Change does that to us. God is always inviting us to move out of our comfort zones.

    Sorting out the clutter, sifting through our things, keeping only what is essential (as much as possible)...

    The character building part is what makes you appreciate the whole thing.

    Readers get to read only what it given, and since I am a recent reader, I don't know any of the reasons why you had to leave Texas and move to Tennessee. But whether I get to know the reason is not the point - I am only happy I get to be in on the reflections after.

    Thanks... I truly appreciated this post. You see, I am in the midst of a turning point in my life as well.


  15. So glad you've arrived.You did say Jesus is the captain of your ship and now we see that he has calmed the storm and guided you to your desired haven. Congratulations and praises to God's faithfulness.

  16. your posts are always very intresting Clint, thank you for this,
    in the last time i'm not every day online, i'm very busy in this time, but i'm here

  17. Hi Clint,
    Very good post and reminder to always put God first. I am glad you arrived and may the Lord bless you,