Friday, May 20, 2011

The Duck Pond at Fountain City

Just a couple of miles from our home is an old landmark called "The Duck Pond". 

The Fountain in Fountain City Lake
The Duck Pond is in the downtown area of Fountain City, which is actually a northern part of the city of Knoxville. 

Where Birds of a Feather Flock Together
When local buses served the small towns of east Tennessee, there is a story that the bus driver would announce the arrival in Fountain City thusly:  "Fountain City!---Such A Pity!"

Hi!  My Name's Daffy!
While everyone refers to the small downtown lake as "The Duck Pond", it turns out that most residents are offended by that phrase and prefer to hear it called "Fountain City Lake".

Yeah, Right---Good Luck With That!
The lake/pond was built in 1893 and has become a prominent landmark, known to everyone in east Tennessee.

Feedin' The Ducks

The Water  is Full of Goose and Duck Poop
The little lake is loaded with ducks and geese.  The poop generated by these feathered creatures is the stuff of legends.  If duck droppings had any value, the town would be rich.

Momma and Her Brood
At times, there has been criticism that the pond has too few benches; has too many seedy looking characters about; has too much duck poop; has too many ducks; does not have enough parking space available........but the lake lives on and is a centerpiece of the community.

The Pond is Fed BY This Little Stream


  1. Oh, Clint! You're really tugging at my heartstrings there! We used to live very close to Fountain City and would "walk the park" so many times, when I was pregnant and then with our baby girl in her stroller. We'd walk that path around the park and then swing her in the baby swings...didn't get too close to the ducks, though, lol! There was a consignment store nearby that I liked to frequent. Awwww...don't know when we'll get to K-town again but I'm sure we'll go by our old haunts.

    We would go for drives to Jefferson City just for the fun of it. I used to take Jasmyne to the Knoxville Zoo ALL the time. We'd drive to the mountains...the Chimney's and Newfound Gap were our favorites. We'd drive to the Melton Hill Dam and go over to the Cross Eye'd Cricket...Another great park is Cove Park in Farragut. We'd drive through the neighborhoods in Farragut and see where all the rich folks lived...the Claytons, the Pilot guy, the Goody's guy...I bet every landmark you mention I know. THere was SO much more to do there than where we are now. Sigh. Alas, being here is better for us in other ways. So...I live with the memories.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. So nice ducks, Clint. Wish you and Cindy a nice weekend.
    Greetings Sabine

  3. i know too much feeding of bread, etc. can cause all sorts of diseases as it rots in the pond. but it sure is nice to see all the duckies happy and well-tended to!

  4. I just love ducks, Clint. In fact, one of the things that endeared me to my husband is that he can talk like Donald Duck and make me laugh. :) Big "hi" to you and Cindy.

  5. Loved the story and the excellent pictures.


  6. Ducks are amazing you, I can watch them for ages. Its wonderful to see a mother duck walking her brood across a street and stopping the traffic. That pond sure is old. Can you imagine all the people who have walked by there over the years..
    Ray is a duck wittler, we have many different sized shapes and colours in our home.

  7. Thanks for sharing, a nice story and it seems to be a beautiful place. I love ducks...specially Duffy *giggle*

    Have a sunny weekend without stress and relax with Cindy.

    Greetings und a big hug

  8. I love watching water fowl but am really leary of goose poop. The smell has incredible staying power.
    Hope you put Cades Cove on your to do list. I love that place.

  9. Great pictures Clint! Love the one with the Momma & her brood swimming around her. One of the last times I spent with my Dad was at Riverfront Park in Spokane feeding the ducks. Sweet times.

  10. Your photos are wonderful, Clint. We have a similar type of pond in our main park. It also has the same problems :-). I hope you and Cindy have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  11. duck ponds are nice and peaceful. i love to sit and watch the mommies with their fuzzy babies.=)

  12. Hi Clint, thanks for taking us on a tour of your new city. The Duck Pond looks lovely. Your pictures are interesting, and your comments are cute.

    I also read the post before this one - the hedges are trimmed beautifully. So, the white rocks are still around after all :)

    Your side comments are funny.

    Well, did you take the wife out to dinner that evening?



  13. Your photographs turned out beautifully in this post, the water was so blue and the grass so green. An interesting history, I learned something. ♥