Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am Humbled.......

Thank you, Debbie!  My friend Debbie at http://www.swampbillyranch.com/  has awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award, and I am humbled.  Check out her blog---it is unique and very interesting.

As part of this award, I understand I am supposed to list 7 things about myself that are not generally known.  Hmmmm.  OK, here goes:

1.  I love all kinds of food, but am addicted to black olives.  I can eat a whole can of them at a time.  A problem once occurred one night when I arose from bed and, in the darkness, went to the fridge for a midnight snack.  In my half lucid state I reached into the fridge for the leftover olives, which were still in the can.  After eating about a dozen of them I thought I detected a funny taste.  So, I turned on the light for a look at them.  They were eaten up with a white fungus.  I thought I might die from it but suffered no ill affects.  It taught me a valuable lesson---always look at what you are eating.  Ha.

2.   I met Cindy, my wife, on-line as a pen pal.  We corresponded for a couple of months before we decided to meet.  From then on, we were inseparable.  She's crazy about me!  

3.  I like guns.  I am an expert shot (earned that designation in the army).  I have a variety of rifles, shotguns and handguns.  I think everyone should know how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

4.  When I was 12 years old, I started doing yard work in my neighborhood to earn money.  From that time until two years ago, I have done my own yard work.  But I finally decided at the age of 64 that I didn't want to do any more yard work.  I now hire it out and am lovin' it.

5.  My maternal grandmother lived to be 100.  Doctors said she would have lived longer if she had not been raped when she was 92 years old.  Her back was broken during that incident.

6.  I write poetry, generally styled in the form of the American poets of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.  I think it is a wonderfully expressive art form and cannot understand why it is no longer popular.

7.  Music is very important to me.  My mom says I was singing when I emerged from the womb.  And, I haven't stopped since.  My favorite genres are folk, vintage country, gospel and light rock.  I entertain myself---and sometimes others, with my guitar.

Thanks again, Debbie!  Much love to all.


  1. congrats to you and very well deserved. :)

    #5 just stunned me. totally taken aback. such horror for someone who deserved respect and care...

  2. Texwisgirl is feeling the same as me, such a horrible crime.


    It's still fun to read things about you that I already know but I still learn new things about you every day.

  3. It's always fun to learn the deep dark secrets of fellow bloggers :-). Your award is well-deserved, Clint. I see many more in your future. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Congrats Clint! I really enjoy your blog! It's always different and entertaining. You deserve it! Good for you!

  5. Congratulations! I, too, met my hubby online.

    I always enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Many congratulations, Clint. I love to read in your blog.
    Greetings Sabine

  7. You deserve the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD, Clint...you certainly do. I think you have a lot of style and class. But, now that I know these things about you I will be sure to hide my black olives, I will give Cindy all the support she needs, I'll make sure I don't get near your guns because all my shots hit the groin, ouch!,I'll look for you at the next poetry slam and surely watch for your new CD "Clint's Favorite Pics".
    All joking aside, I do want to tell you how sorry I am that your grandma had to endure that. If I knew where he was, I'd get my gun.

  8. Congratulations. So sorry to hear about your Grandmother, but it is always fun to hear about other bloggers.

  9. Congrats on the award Clint. Those were very interesting things about you. Laughed at your fungi olives but was horrified about your grandmother. I hope they caught the sicko and hung him high.
    Arkansas Patti

  10. Thank you Clint for your post and yes, as the other comments, your style and class. I too enjoy black olives and met my hubby online. Music is very important and has always been a part of my life from singing to playing piano and a few other instruments. My dad, the Ellison side, is very musically talented from drums to singing, along with introducing me to a variety of music.
    Sorry to hear about your grandmother!

    Have a great evening!!

  11. I love learning new things about the other bloggers on here. Yours are very interesting! So sorry to hear about your grandmother.
    You deserve this award, congrats!

  12. Congrats, you have deserved it, and thank you for your personal insights.


  13. Congrats Clint! You do deserve the award for sure.
    Haha...LOVE the olive story, that is too funny! I have to say though, regarding the on line thing-I've had a horrible experience with it! Glad to know it works for some :)

  14. A well deserved award. Congratulations!
    (But like many others, I'm terribly sorry about the awful crime committed against your grandmother. Unbelievable!)

  15. BTW ... the fungus infected olives that Clint consumed was waaaaay before meeting me.

    (We may have some fungus infected items in our refrigerator but most likely would not be olives, rarely would we have any left over.

    (Written while laughing)

  16. I am so glad to know more about you. Congratulations. B

  17. Hi Clint -

    It is so perverted to rape anyone but someone of your grandmother's age stunned me. How cruel. It so comforting to know that our Lord can heal all wounds. The pervert certainly needs salvation and healing, too. Desperate people are pathetic. May GOD help....

    Congratulations on your award, Clint.

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