Saturday, May 14, 2011

Are You Kiddin' Me?.......

Two things that baffle and befuddle have recently come to my attention.  They are beyond comprehension.  They are an illustration of why human beings make no sense in nature.

The first is my discovery that my new home state of Tennessee has not one....not two....but NINE official state songs.  I kid you not.

I thought the official state song was "Tennessee Waltz".

Sure enough, it is.  But so are eight others!

---My Homeland, Tennessee (1925)
---When it's Iris Time in Tennessee (1935)
---My Tennessee (1955)
---Rocky Top (1982)
---Tennessee (1992)
---The Pride of Tennessee (1996)
---Smoky Mountain Rain (2010)

The latest song to be voted as "the official state song" is entitled "Tennessee", written by John R. Bean of Knoxville in 1984.

I guess politicians just feel good when they can vote "yes".  One lawmaker quipped that if they can vote for one more official state song, they will have enough to cut an album.

The second unbelievable fact I have uncovered in my readings is the incredible fact that there actually exists a Phallological Museum in the Icelandic village of Husavic.

Yes, my friends.......this glorious museum has on display the world's largest collection of male sexual body parts.  There are 276 exhibits.  You have GOT to be kiddin' me.  One of the "highlights" of this vast collection is a 170 centimeter (67") penis of a sperm whale.  Another prized item is an unusually large member from a Canadian walrus.  Another item is a set of lamp shades fashioned from bull testicles. 



  1. obviously moving/unpacking has slowed WAY down and you have lots more time on your hands these days, clint. ha!

  2. I vote for Patti Page's "Tennessee Waltz".

    (texwisgirl ... I'm in agreement with your comment) ;~D

  3. Wonderful songs I remember The Tennessee WigWalk but that goes back to 1954 when I was very young.
    Loved your post, hope you're settling in OK.


  4. Hello Clint, why not? :)

    Tennessee sounds like a fun place! I must have passed through Tennessee and Knoxville on our trip from New Orleans to Pittsburgh.

  5. Love the album reference. Some one has a sense of humor at least.
    What on earth did you google to get that information on the Phallological Museum in the Icelandic village of Husavic? Kidding of course.
    Wonder who funded the museum?

  6. I vote for the Tennessee Waltz :-)

  7. I like the Tennessee Waltz and it must be fun to see all the things at the museum. Quiet different.

    Have a beautiful sunday and greetings

  8. I agree with all the others!!May you have a beautiful sunday!!))