Sunday, May 8, 2011

From Here to There......

Goodbye, Plano, Texas!  We Will Always Love You!
Moving Day Was Rainy and Sad.......

After Interviewing Several Moving Companies, We Decided On Mayflower---A Very Good Choice!

Todd Was Our Mover---A Real Pro.  He Has Moved Several Celebrities Including George W Bush, Whom He Describes as "The Nicest Guy I've Ever Met".

Hello, Knoxville, Tennessee!

Hmmm---This Van Looks Familiar......

The Living Room Of Our New Home

Cindy Works to Clean The Kitchen

Our New Den......

Our Dining Room......

View From Our Rear Deck......

Help!---Partial View of Boxes to be Unloaded......

More Boxes......

Gobs 'n Gobs of Trash......

We Have Internet and Cable Now!   Yayyyy!  And Wires and Wires....and More Wires.....
Tomorrow's Post:  Reflections


  1. Great post! With all those wires, no wonder we were about to pull out our hair yesterday. Just think, we still have to add the DVD player and sound bar! Yikes again!

  2. You have a lot of work ahead of you, but it is such a beautiful home it will all be worth it.

  3. Welcome to you new home, Clint and Cindy. May it be filled with love and peace.

  4. You have got it now! Congratulations.
    Greetings Sabine

  5. i'm glad you're getting settled, little by little. what a daunting task to move your whole life across country, but you're on the downslope now! :)

  6. I wish you both Love and happiness in your new home, it looks lovely.

    Thanks for your comment, as I am having my treatment tomorrow thought I would get in touch with my son who said"Go away you wicked old woman" if I knew what I had done perhaps I could understand what is going through his mind.
    Take care .

  7. Hard time for you but happy also!
    I wish you power to finish!
    My best regards from Romania!
    Do you need help? ha ha
    I am here for you!

  8. your new house looks gorgeous. LOVE the kitchen and the backyard!=)

  9. Best wishes for your new home! Beautiful!
    Mamma mia how many boxes!:-))


  10. Clint, I have missed reading your encouraging posts. And now this one... loved the pics. Felt teary eyed when you said goodbye to Texas. But heart's full of hope when you said hello to Knoxville. Lovely new home.

    You and Cindy must be excited.

    I am praying for you both.


  11. Oh dear, unpacking is maybe worse than packing. What a lovely house you have and so nice to have a fire place.
    Like the privacy you have in the back also.
    Enjoy those new digs.

  12. Glad you made it safely! Good luck with the unpacking process....

  13. Oh, Clint, I didnt' realize y'all were leaving Texas! I'll pray for you and your family making such a distant move.

  14. Hello Clint and Cindy,Loved watching the excitement of your journey. A new beginning, All things are passed away behold all things are made new. Remember to walk around and bless every inch doorway and window...May God bless you with much happiness and great friendships.WE might get to visit you one day??? Ray has just won two golfing championships here in Australia. God is good.

  15. Good to have you back safe. You have a beautiful new home and it's still a lot of work, but it must be great to get settled.

    Have a beautiful day and a lot of greetings to you

  16. What a nice place you moved to! I wish you a great time. Maybe you show a few pictures from the wonderful landscape.

    Have a wonderful day

  17. Your new home is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Those floors glisten! I also love the side table in the one picture with the twisted legs. Very Nice! But I knew you two had excellent taste!