Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My topic today is dreams.  All of us experience them when we sleep.  Often, I cannot quite recall what I dreamed about when I awaken.  This frustrates me because I do believe our dreams represent to a great degree what is occurring in our unconscious mind.

Last night I had a dream that I recall vividly.  I was a passenger on a jetliner.  The plane was coming in for a landing, but just before touchdown, the pilot aborted in a most violent manner, shooting upward almost 90 degrees, and then accelerating at a tremendous speed, and then inverting and flying upside down.  I was terrified.  After an eternity, the pilot announced "Sorry folks.  There is not a problem.  We just had some of our electronics crossed up".

That's when I woke up.   What the devil does that mean?

I have for decades had two other basic dreams.  In the first one, I am trying to run away from a situation.  It could be anything---like someone is chasing me with a knife or gun, for example. The problem is that, in my dream, I just cannot get my legs to function properly.  They are like dead weights, and try as I will, I cannot run away.  It is a frustrating experience.

In the other basic dream, I am in a vehicle---a car or truck---that I am driving but cannot control.  It is going too fast.  It is gonna crash.  And even though I am at the wheel I cannot control it.  That's frustrating, too.

Occasionally Cindy will have a bad dream and begin shaking.  I wake her up and she always says "thank you".  Ha.  Sometimes she says she is being chased in a dream and begins to fly to escape the danger.

Dreams have been a topic of discussion for thousands of years.  The bible is full of accounts of dreams and their meanings.  I have watched my pet dogs and cats dream as they slept.  Their eye movements and quivering bodies are a give-away. 

What do you think?  Do you recall your dreams?  Do you have any repetitive dreams?  What do they mean, if anything?  Do dreams have a spiritual meaning?


  1. This is an interesting question. My son has always been troubled by nightmares--night terrors even. He also talks and cries out in his sleep. I talked with my pastor because I was really concerned about what was going on. He reminded me that my son is a really creative person, and that creativity doesn't end when he falls asleep. I don't really know what dreams mean, but I do believe they suggest that there's more going on in our lives than that which we comprehend when we are awake and conscious.

  2. I've had more than my share of "spiritual dreams", and I do believe God speaks to me through them. It's where I "work things out", where God shows me things, either about myself or about others. Not all the time, but it does seem to be a theme in my life. I try to keep my journal by my bed to write down my dreams, but unfortunately I tend to roll over. I do try to remember details and often times what is presented in the dream is actually symbolic. I've had dreams warning me about people's characters, or revealing the "truth" about them, I've had dreams that have settled me and encouraged me...I had a dream about our daughter's ultrasound and it was just like I dreamed it!

    Joseph is my favorite Bible character and I love that his story revolves around dreams! I guess I love dreams, lol!

    I wonder what your dream means?! I find it interesting that, although you hit a rough spot and things looked scary for a minute, the plane righted itself by the end of the dream. Perhaps God is giving you a glimpse into your future...the plane represents your life journey, the pilot represents God, and even though the enemy would try to "cross things up" just as you are about to land, GOd comes and makes it all right again???

    Just a guess!

  3. Or...maybe it means that it's not quite time to land the plane, and God/the pilot took drastic measures to keep you in the air because the electronics failed and otherwise you would've crashed?????

    By the way, I'm really just guessing, lol! I am not really an interpreter of dreams except my own, and only when God gives it to me!

  4. i've read a few dream interpretation books and have one i do refer to occasionally for meaning.

    here's what it says:
    airplane: any flying aircraft indicates spiritual awakening, soaring to new heights. note whether plane is on ground, up in air, takig off or landing; position reflects your spiritual awareness or perception concerning a particular problem or situation.

    pilot: higher self, guidance, the Lord, guiding your journey through life. are you the pilot or is someone else leading you? an airplane pilot is in charge of your spiritual vehicle; a seal pilot is running your emotional ship.

    i think both of your recurring dreams (inability to run or use your legs, and inability to steer your high-speed vehicle) both speak to feelings of fear of a lack of control in a situation you're in.

    i have recurring ones too. sometimes they are pleasant (like jumping into the air and spinning in pirouettes for as long as i choose to) and sometimes they are full of anxiety (like having to use a toilet in a very public place - like in the middle of a party or a crowd of people). btw, toilets symbolize elimination of past experiences that are holding you back; forgiveness, etc. :)

    if you're interested, the book i'm referring to is "The Dream Book" by Betty Bethards. You can usually find it in the self-help section at a half-price books... :)

  5. (oh, and that 'seal' pilot is supposed to be 'sea' pilot. ha!)

  6. If my dreams were reality...I don't know if I would want to wake up at times;)
    I remember most of mine...and some of them I would rather not. I think that many times we could listen to our dreams and solve a wack of problems. Then again, we could create a lot too.
    Dreams are riddles to me.

  7. I always have the same dream where I am back in high school or college and I do not have my schedule. Then I realize I have not been to certain classes for months since I dont have my schedule and I am not going to graduate. I always attribute these dreams to anxiety over control. Your dream sounds like you may have a little control issue you are working through also :)

  8. oh man, i have some crazy dreams. what a mystery they are!

  9. I agree that, often, our dreams represent our unconscious thoughts. But other times, dreams are nothing more than just a dream.

  10. LLL -- Most of my dreams are crazy. Usually I can trace it back to the pecan ice cream I had just before bed.

    Or a book I read.
    Or a movie I watched.
    Or a phone call...

    I'm waiting for the "vision-dream." That would be cool.

  11. I very seldom remember my dreams. I used to love to talk to my children when they were small about their dreams. It is such a glimpse into what is on their little minds.

  12. Well i just typed a whole comment and now blogger just won't let me sign in!!!! My gosh how furstrating! it was a good comment too! haha

    well anyway... My sister had a dream dictionary when we were young and she used to translate my dreams, really creepy and it was Freud oriented...


  13. I agree too, that often, our dreams represent our unconscious thoughts, but sometimes I have just a sweet dream and I am happy when I wake up. These dreams are better, because they are making my day.

  14. Clint I love my dreams they are part of me. I usually never have nightmares. I see my Father in my dreams it is comforting. Like he is with me.
    About my journey story on my blog. It is a series on the side board (1 to 14). I don't think you would understand the last post without following the rest.
    I love your pictures they are very mystical a beautiful.
    Happy Dreams. B

  15. Most of the time I do not remember the dream when I wake up and when I do I soon forget it. There is one dream I remember though. I dreamed the rapture happened, I was going up praising Jesus. Then I woke up.

    God bless,

  16. Once when i was really stressed i dreamed i was sitting on Jesus's lap and he was smiling at me :)

  17. From seeing all of the other posts, I would like to note, that I too, am a devout Christian.

    I am also taking Psychology classes, and from the thousands of years of analysis, it has been seen that dreams can come to represent situations which wouldn't make it possible to avoid or correct. This is so that your sub-conscious can process these issues, and can properly accustom one's mind in case a situation were to arise like this.

    I believe that God aids us in exploring these dreams, and that by seeing which situations we couldn't handle ourselves, we turn even more to God, to aid us in our understanding of our life and how he guides us through it.

    I hope this helps. :)

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