Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Day in Paradise.......

Hello, my friends.  Today there are no photos because cameras are frowned upon in government offices.  I propose to make up for the lack of pictures by regaling you with beautiful, flowing prose that is intended to conjure up mental images.  I'm sure most of you will "get the picture".

The day began with much promise.   The Cinderoo brewed up some strong java; and after it was consumed, we departed for the county driver's license bureau to obtain Tennessee licenses.  Sounds pretty simple, no?  (stupid me)........

We entered the office and were quite happy to see there was only one other customer ahead of us!  Yes!---this was going to be much easier than we had anticipated!.........not.

The nice receptionist asked if she could assist us.  "Why, yes......we are here to get new Tennessee driver's licenses---we just moved here from Texas".

"I'm sorry", she chortled, "We only renew existing Tennessee Licenses at this office".

My mood sank.  Questions like "Why would they have an office that only does part of the job?  came to mind.

We were instructed to drive 30 minutes to another county office that is "full-service".  Ahh, government efficiency........hahaha

OK, so we drive 30 minutes and arrive at said office.  We walk in and the receptionist tells us we are required to show not one, but two proofs of home ownership; an original birth certificate (copies are not accepted); our existing Texas licenses; and to top it all off, Cindy had to have a marriage certificate.  Yes, you heard me right---she had to prove she was married to me.  I know, I know---it is stupid and many other adjectives I could list here; but it is useless to point these things out to the workers.

So Cindy had to drive home to get her marriage license and then drive back.  By now, my sweet bride was saying things I have not heard since my days in the army.  OK, OK---that's an exaggeration, but you get the idea........(we now understood where the phenomenon of "going postal" originated)

Now, the fun began.  Although there were only four customers in the office at this time (and five workers), we had to wait two hours for our licenses.  I swear to you that I have never seen an office staff think or move so slowly. 

I can't wait for our upcoming trip to another government office to get our license plates.......(somebody shoot me!!!)


  1. So if your not married you can't get a drivers license? Are you sure there were not hidden cameras somewhere "punking" you? And if you knew what they get paid to not help you it really makes you sick

  2. Oh no. That's how it is in New Jersey too- 3 pieces of id. Birth certificate, marriage license, a previous license, a bill with my house address on it... It's a real dream... (not!) You're almost done now! For this year.

  3. That's why camera's are not allowed because people would see how slow they work.

    Hope all is well now.


  4. oh dear! so, you came home, traded in your caffeine brew for a stronger 'brew' and put your feet up! :)

  5. Oh my, you poor dears..........I feel for you, Cindy and Clint. I felt exactly the same way when we moved to Maine from Massachusetts 8 yrs. ago. Ayah! We go to an office 25 miles away to register and our photo licenses come in the mail from Missouri or some place out west. The slower pace was difficult to get used to at first but golly............I love it now. When we go back to MA to visit family I start to cry like a baby and tell Mike to "take me home."
    Remember to take three deep breaths and relax.
    This is now HOME.

  6. I've heard of this nightmare in other states. Arkansas drivers license was easy when I moved here from Florida. Good luck with your car license. That was not easy in Ar.
    Soon it will all be done and you can enjoy like a native.

  7. I'd be tempted to say things too!!! How awful for you both! Hope it gets better now.

  8. There is always red tape at these places.
    Hope you got sorted out.

  9. Hi Clint -

    As a former government employee, I know all too well of that which you speak.

    Smile and count it all joy, dear brother...