Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Day ........

When I mentioned to Cindy that I was going to west Knoxville to run a few errands, she decided she wanted to go with me.  Well, good, I thought.

But the reality is that a man can go shopping and return home with the goods in 1/4 the time it takes a woman.  It is a phenomenon I have observed thousands of times over the years.  I have concluded it is a genetic thing because that is the only way I can understand it.  Women find it desirable to touch everything.   And women also talk to everyone.  It was these two traits that turned my planned one hour trip into a four hour ordeal.

I have also noticed that women pay attention to detail when they venture forth into the shopping world, while men are like horses with blinders.  When I come home from a trip to anywhere, Cindy asks me questions about whom I met or what I saw.  I never notice anything or anyone, so I am never able to tell her anything at all about my trip.

Cindy always runs into folks she knows from her past.  It is uncanny.  Today, for example, we are sitting at a stop light.  She looked to her right at a car turning into a gas station and shouts in an excited tone, Look!  There's Mike! 

It turns out that Mike is an old boyfriend whom she has not seen in decades.  Part of the reason she knew it was him is because he still drives the same 1984 Cadillac that belonged to his mother when Cindy was dating him.

Cindy seemed to be quite smitten by the sight of her old beau and his old car.  Must've brought back some pleasant memories?  As I accelerated at warp speed through the green light, it occurred to me that Cindy seemed a little too enthusiastic about the near encounter with this old flame.

I asked her about that.  She said, "Oh, no...not at all.  It's just that you two are very much alike."

Say what?.......

So now, as I ponder all of this, there are more questions than answers.  Too funny.  But, I do wonder what her reaction would have been if our roles had been reversed.....hmmmmmm.........  :)


  1. There's one difference Clint, Cindy is married to YOU. not him.


  2. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL day, Clint. It should make you feel good to know there are some other wonderful men out there besides yourself and Cindy had the good sense to marry one of them. :) I feel that way about my MIKE.

  3. hahaha oh Clint... if it'd been you pointing out an old flame you would've been up all night answering the question, "Are you sure you don't still love her?" Feel grateful it was Cindy. I had to laugh to about shopping. In our house it's the opposite. My husband goes shopping and comes back 3 hours later. I ask, "What did you buy?" He says just a magazine. So I ask, "What did you do?" Then he goes into the trail he followed looking at this and that and the other. He loves to roam. Me? I want to go in, get what I need and get home. hahaha

  4. I would like to point out that I am a woman, and I am the one who is in and out of the stores with blinders on, talk to no one, and gets the job done. My Husband is the one who takes forever to get ready and blabs to everyone. So I guess I didn't get those genes. And I wouldn't be to worried about a guy who still drives his Mothers car ;)

  5. Oh my! Well, at least he's still driving the same car . . . :-)

    I, however, am like you. I go to town and get what I have to get.

  6. that is too funny! i'd like to hear cindy's take on it.=)

  7. I heard a story once about how George W. and Laura Bush ran into an old boyfriend of hers, and he wondered out loud "I wonder what would've happened if you had married him instead of me?" and she replied "He would've become President".

    Good Lord, did you all go to Turkey Creek? That place is a shopper's heaven!!! I miss the Earth Fare grocery store there...and a SUPER Target!!! I have never seen one before or since!

    Love hearing your adventures!

  8. It was actually sad seeing him in that old car. I felt blessed, happy and thankful for Clint and my life now.

  9. Ha Clint, I have enjoyed themselves immensely. Why should you go better than others? My husband is lucky if he can shop alone. It is then twice as fast.
    Greetings Sabine

  10. The difference is that we enjoy shopping with all the extra activities, you guys think of it as a chore like rotating tires.
    Good to see the green eyed fellow still lives in you. That has to make her feel pretty good.

  11. heheheheheeheh I like the story with mike and the car hehehe

  12. It's always interesting to see how people change, and in that case...what has not changed.

  13. Cindy is a clever lady, she has you thinking and that's good!!!LOL...
    I love doing that to Ray..
    You should have given her the longest kiss and then asked,
    "Am I the best?"
    She is your lady, so you have to be..
    Hang on to her, she is special!!

  14. After reading this I can place myself in the same situation. Just last week I thought I'd make a quick trip to the shopping mall and Lowes for a few needed items. My wife wanted to come along. After about 3-hours of window shopping and going out for lunch we finally made it back home. God bless, Lloyd

  15. Hahahahhhaa...Oh toooo funny. I seem to recall this same incident happening somewhere close to here once;) You're right....if the situation was reversed I would have driven the car off the road and told him to walk home;)))

  16. She married you . Besides that you drive a nicer car :-). Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  17. Shop til you drop is my wife's life motto. Get it and get out is mine :-)

  18. Old boyfriend. Husband driving big car. Perfect opportunity

  19. Clint, I read this post, and the ones before it that were posted after my lasst visit about a week ago. Such enjoyable reads!

    Sadly I wrote a long comment but blogger could not process it when I clicked the Post Comment button. Several paragraphs of heartfelt thoughts gone down the drain.

    Well here I am trying again... hope it works.

    I can see you are learning to speak "Womanese" - and a wise husband should really master this language. You see, Womanese is not just mere words... it is the language of a woman's heart! So it has all those tiny interesting details that makes no sense to a man, until he has learned to also think in Womanese!

    I agree with Crystal Mary, your Cindy is an amazing woman. Honor her... respect her... I must say you are one blessed man to have a wife like her.

    Oh, about the old boyfriend... I think David Rupert is right. It was the perfect opportunity.

    I loved your other posts as well. Nine official Tennessee state songs? My goodness! Who decides which is the song of all songs? I find it interesting that you have not wasted time trying to get to know your new state well.

    The post about the white rocks, the weeping cherry, and the not so miniature birch... that was such a good write up. I am sure the previous owners would be horrified to find their precious white diamonds and trees gone. Have you considered re-planting the two trees at a better location in your back garden?

    Thanks for reading and leaving a kind response at my latest post.

    Blessings on your day!

  20. Haha Clint,
    I don't think you have to be too worried! She married you after all!

    And yes your absolutely right! even my mom, who claims not to like shopping.... still buys more stuff then my dad!


  21. Hi Clint,
    Many similarities with me and my girlfriend, but no ex-boyfriends, yet :)
    But my late wife wanted to get in and out of the stores, which was good!