Monday, May 2, 2011


Whew...So here we are in storied Oak Ridge, Tennessee for three nights.  Our possessions will be delivered tomorrow to our new home.  Our closing here was this morning.  All went very well.  We love our new place.  We met the sellers, and they are just terrific folks---wish they were going to stay here in Knoxville so we could be friends, but they are moving to Florida.

Last Monday, our household goods were loaded into a huge Mayflower van.  On that day, Cindy experienced the first of what have become numerous mental collapses.  As we worked feverishly to finish packing, as the moving crew moved the furniture out, Cindy hit "the wall" and collapsed in the front yard of our home --- in the rain.  I though she would have to be taken to the hospital for exhaustion, but she did manage to "tough it out" and finally began to recover,  Scared the hell outta' me.  Then, I almost collapsed myself.

The next day we closed on our home in Plano and left for Tennessee.  Cindy got lost trying to find the hotel our first night out, and again had a breakdown.  Keep in mind this was the final chapters in a long 10 months of trying to move and pack and plan.  She just lost it and I had to get her to the bed, where she slept 12 hours.

The next day was a 500 mile trip to Atlanta, where we stayed with my mom three nights.  When we finally arrived, Cindy again "lost it" and had to be ushered to bed---this time an 11 hour slumber.

Time spent with my mom was somewhat hectic, too.  What I thought would be a restful respite was instead a constant introductiuon to her friends.  We did have an unbelievable buffet experience one night---I have never seen such a spread of culinary delights.  We ate way too much, but the good news is that Cindy again slept it off with 11 more hours in the sack.

We drove to east Tennessee on Sunday (yesterday).  Today has been hectic, but productive.  Her emotional state seems to be returning.  Tomorrow we move into our new home, but we plan to stay tomorrow night in the hotel, just to make sure she gets more rest.

Here's hoping my bloggin' friends give me a few more days to return to my daily responses.  I miss you guys!---but hey!---our ordeal is almost over!

Love to all.


  1. Welcome to Tennessee !
    I hope things settle down for you both, once you are in your own home and spending the nights in your own bed.
    We seem to be having lots of wild weather this Spring, don't let it scare you away, the best is yet to come !!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry this has been so stressful and taxing on you both. I hope your lovely wife can regain her strength, but I know unpacking will have its own amount of fatigue and stress associated with it. It's almost over. And once in your new home, you can take some time getting those lousy boxes undone. Just be careful, okay? Take your time. Get your rest. Take your breaks. Enjoy some time outdoors - out of sight of boxes and mess.

  3. I am glad now I can laugh a little as I'm reading your blog. Your bloggers are going to think I'm a total basket case, I had always thought I was strong but I just had too many things happening at the same times. Thank goodness we have been able to sleep long hours.

    I am just thankful we are safely here. ♥

  4. What a time you guys are having. But the end of the road is near. I wish you the best in the next few days. And make sure you carry Cindy over the threshold.

  5. I'm so glad you guys made it ok. And glad for nights of good sleep for you. I've missed you both and am glad we'll be back to blogging together again soon :)

  6. @Cindy I know you are not a basket case. You are human. Only 3 breakdowns from a state to state move is minimum. I moved within the same state and had more! I hate to move. Keep the faith, we are praying for you both.

  7. Thinking of you, I am happy to hear some news. Take your time and take care. Hopefully you now will get the time to settle down a little bit.

    A lot of greetings, bless you

  8. Amazing that Cindy made it with all that exhaustion. You guys are troopers. I am praying for you both - and Cindy must continue to rest. So much still ahead of you. sounds like adrenal exhaustion. Nothing to take lightly. Move in slowly - at least you are at your destination.

    Blessings to you both
    Praises to Jesus for keeping you safe

    Patrina <")>><

  9. I can well understand what you're gooing through having moved a few times in my life,
    I wish you and Cindy every happiness in your new home.
    Take care.

  10. Nothing is more stressful than moving. I do hope Cindy gets time to recover so she can enjoy your new home. Each time I have moved, I swear never again. It is just such a chore.
    Hang in, soon things will normalize.

  11. Oh man, Clint exaggerating, it just is not with the activities. I know this one will prefer to have everything ready at once. Take your time a little time alone and let it go you good.
    Fingers crossed that soon stop off more rest.
    Greetings Sabine

  12. Oh you guys, what an ordeal. So glad for you that it's nearly over.Blessings to you both.

  13. wishing you all the best in the start of a new chapter.=)

  14. I can't imagine having to do all you both have done. Now you get to enjoy a new beginning and your wonderful life together =) We'll be here in the blogosphere when you return. ((hugs)) to you both :)

  15. I am a little concern about Cindy.
    I hope that her sleeping so many hours is nothing
    Anyway, the hard time is over now.
    Keep us posted!!!

  16. I hear it's one of the most stressful things ever! I mean we moved into our home now from a small rental that we actually have a house I can't imagine all the work and emotion that goes into such a thing...

    No doubt...this will all make you two stronger!