Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remembering Life's Disappointments........

Funny, you know, how we humans share so much in common---no matter how different our individual backgrounds may be.

One such universal commonality occurred to me today as Cindy and I were talking about things that happened in our individual pasts.  She had been talking with her sister, who revealed to her a couple of stories from her early childhood in which she became deeply hurt.  These hurt feeling incidents have stayed with her all her life.

Cindy told me a story from her own childhood that has stayed with her all her life.  She was walking down the street one day as a 12 year old child and she passed a couple of teenage boys who stopped to look at her as she passed by them.  Now, understand that Cindy was quite thin at the time and was somewhat self-conscious about that fact.  One of the boys made the comment "Heck, she might BE something if she'd gain about 500 pounds".

Almost half a century later, the hurt from those words is remembered.

She mentioned a couple of other moments from her childhood in which her feelings were hurt and the memory remains.  Usually, the hurt came from something someone said.  We may forget important incidents from our past, but it seems we cannot shake those moments of deeply hurt feelings in our youth.  And, it is interesting that all of us can dredge up moments like these.

As for me, the first incident I recall (and I can recall a good many if I try) was from my ninth summer.  My grandma and grandpa, who I adored, took me with them on a fishing trip to Coldwater Lake in Michigan.  Oh, it was to be a glorious week-long adventure, with lots of fishing with grandpa!

Our first day there, I looked forward to being in the boat with gramps, speeding along the water toward the best fishing spots, feeling the tug of fish on hook, experiencing the joy of boating the fish and the pride in posing for pictures with the string of fish at day's end.

But alas, I could not find grampa---I walked down to the lake to see if he was getting the boat ready for our foray into the lake.  There, I found him---getting into the boat by himself, with his rod and tackle box.  I yelled out to him.  He looked at me and then turned and sped off alone across the lake to fish alone that day.  I was devastated.  And I never forgot the hurt.

As an adult, I look back on some of these incidents and smile.  In the case of my grandpa, the poor guy just wanted a little quiet time by himself.  He is more than forgiven.

But we don't forget those hurtful moments from our childhood, do we?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Honoring my 90 Year Old Mom on Mother's Day.......

                            My Mom at a recent Birthday Party

What a ride it has been!  Today is your day, mom!  Thanks for all the joys, tears, learning, and fun!  I love you so much!

                       Taken a Couple of Years Ago in Her Apartment

                                       Mom and Me, 2011

                               Mom and Dad, Circa 1944

  Mom Swimming With the Dolphin, "Picasso" in Florida, 2009

Mom Pouring, Circa 1956  L--R  Dad, Mom, Family Friend Horace.  Yes, Mom Has Always Been a Character.  Ha.

                  Mom, Senior Picture in Yearbook, Circa 1940

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!  And lots of love!!!