Thursday, August 18, 2011


The ordeal is over.  Let us cut to the chase:  Doc says I'm fine.  Wants me to come back for another colonoscopy in 5---7 years.  Praise Jesus.  I can live with that (literally).

So the bottom line is this---went 42 hours without anything but liquids.  Not eating makes me irritable (wife says I'm that way whether I've eaten or not), gives me light headaches and produces a gnawing, hollow clawing in my stomach.  I can only eat so many cans of chicken broth, bottles of 7-UP and banana popsicles.

Two Large Bottles of This Mixed with 64 Ounces of Gatorade
 But the kicker was the 48 ounces of laxative I drank on Tuesday night and then repeated at 5:00 AM on Wednesday before my 10:00 procedure was scheduled.  Darn near killed me.  Of course, I am the first to admit that I am a baby in situations like this and require lots of sympathy and attention. 
Two of These the Night Before and Two in the Morning
Anyhoo, Cindy drove me to the clinic.  The staff was truly phenomenal.  The nurses and doctors were just outstanding---professional, knowledgeable, experienced and CLASSY. 

I was wheeled in to the procedure room, hooked up to all kinds of monitors, and reassured about what was going to be done.  Then, the nurse anesthetist leaned over and whispered, "G'night, Clint". 

"G'night", I replied.  I was only out 25 minutes.  Don't remember a thing.  No pain at all. 
This Is How It Looks
They wheeled me to recovery.  Did I want an additional blanket?  "Why, yes", I said, "that would be nice."  The blanket they   brought me had been preheated.  Verrry nice.
My Doctor---He Was Great!
The doc appeared.  Nice guy.  We chatted.  Basically, I'm healthy as a horse.  He showed me some pics he had taken of my innards.  Not real pretty, but I'm more a fan of outdoor landscapes.  Gave me copies to keep in my files. 
One of Cindy's Favorite Spots for Lunch, But I hated It
Cindy took me to a favorite place of hers to eat---Ali Baba's on Kingston Pike.  I had never been there before.  She had the specialty, a falafel, which I noticed she devoured with gusto.  I had a Reuben.  It was the worst sandwich I had ever attempted to eat.  Watery, salty as hell, tough bread. Had to hold it with napkins to keep from getting soaked.  I asked for a fork and knife but they don't have any at this establishment.  Had to find the bathroom.  This was an ongoing problem all day.

Cindy Said Her Falafel Was Wonderful
Then Cindy wanted to go to Fresh Market.  Had to find the BR there, as well.  Two more stops, and then we headed home (thank God).

Nice Selection of Foods---and a Very Nice Restroom, as Well...
The ordeal was over.  I slept like a baby last night---11 hours.

Conclusion:  If you are over 50, please get a colonoscopy.  Colon cancer is almost entirely preventable with early detection.  Yes, you will have to force yourself out of your comfort zone for 42 hours.  But think about how much better that is than dying a slow, miserable death.


  1. Glad to hear it all went well. I was thinking of you yesterday. Good to see your back to normal.

  2. What was I thinking? We should have eaten in a more traditional restaurant and then gone straight home. Sorry baby. Very thankful and happy that you are okay and that this is "behind" you. ♥

  3. Hello Clint!
    I am glad too, that this is over...

  4. I'm glad all went well with you .I wish pancreatic cancer was that easy to spot-not so and now my husbands life will be cut way short bless his heart he is the beast thing to ever happen to me oh my i need a Kleenex never go to bed angry with someone especially someone you love with your whole heart and soul


  6. WHEW! Finally it's over and you've gotten some sleep, that's fantastic news that you're in tip top shape! What did I say about stopping at a grocery store? Did you buy all sorts of munchies that you don't normally buy, well between restroom breaks that is. And salty food, what were you thinking... or were you even thinking clearly yet? Not to worry, the next colonoscopy you have done you now know what NOT to do right after, I sure do because I learned the hard way as well. Now lets see where we can find you some landscape photos... better yet, you get out there and find some amazing landscape photos, the fresh air will clear your head if it's at all fuzzy still! lol Have a great day, and you to Cindy!

  7. I'm glad the procedure is over and that you had a good report. As to your question, to the best of my knowledge the two are not related. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. Oh Clint. it is so good to hear that you are healthy as a horse. So you can enjoy the next years...and the next time you choose the restaurant :-)))


  9. great news! i am so miserable without food too. sorry to hear your first meal was gross but glad to hear cindy loved her falafel! it looks delicious!

  10. What a great feeling to know everything is alright. Better getting all through this instead beeing deathly ill.
    The stepfather of my husbands son just died an bowel cancer this weekend. He was just 42 or 43!
    Best wishes an health from Inken

  11. Glad you are in tip top shape, Clint. :)
    Carol B.

  12. Wonderful news Clint and loved that they put you totally out. And a heated blanket?? That was an especially thoughtful touch.
    Enjoy the next worry free 5 years.
    Arkansas Patti

  13. JEP! get checked!

    And i'm glad to hear they do the warm blanket thingy at other places too, i really enjoyed that as well!

    BUT the most important part.... WHOOOOHOOOOO....
    I am sooo happy for you!

    And Clint, thank you for your sweet words on my blog post Monday and put it on your facebook!


  14. This girl from Little River County Arkansas is snickering at your adventures of colonoscopy! I journeyed it about two years ago ...and I agree the worse part was the night before...they say go home drink ALL of this and get a goodnight's rest...ARE YOU KIDDING ME....! Happy to hear the channel is all good and clear and good to go for another year or so ...God is good Clint...always enjoy reading your postings ...always

  15. What? You didn't have to drink the Golightly? That is the worst tasting . . . foul . . . prep for any test known to man kind.

    Glad you got great results.

  16. Whew glad its over!

    I've never had a falafel. Mmmmm maybe I will soon! :)

    Have a great weekend!