Friday, August 5, 2011

News Flash----East Tennessee Zombies Prefer Locally Grown Food.......

Once again I report news of interest from the pages of the Knoxville News-Sentinel.  I include the article itself because no one would believe me if it were not printed in our daily newspaper.

We all know that locally grown food is gaining favor with the masses.  It makes sense to eat local food because it is generally fresher and is easier on the environment than food shipped from other states or countries.

But now, according to the article, zombies in east Tennessee are getting in on the trend.

Michael Lewis, a Knoxville animated corpse, says he and his fellow zombie friends are now "sourcing most of our food through Knoxville.  It's much easier when you hunt your own sustenance right off the street.  The brains taste so much better when they aren't shipped from California or somewhere in Canada."

Lewis says eating local food is better for the environment and also provides the "thrill of the chase", which is not possible if the food comes from out-of-state.

Former human being Lois Pedrosa agrees.  "I'll be coming back for more for sure", he said---"Probably when you least expect it."

Knoxville officials are not happy about the trend, the article reports.

Knoxville Police Department officer Brian Romero says "Look, I'm all for fresh food and availability, but frankly I like not being eaten by plodding creatures of the night.  So what if the zombie food comes from Kentucky or Alabama.  The zombies might have to apply some deodorant to the meal first, but that's not such a big deal in the big scheme of things."

Hmmmmm........................I think maybe I'll just stay home and watch TV after dark.


  1. Honey, remember me telling you there's never a dull moment here in Knoxville?

  2. you know a trend is the real deal when the zombies catch on.

    i wonder if these zombies also prefer organic humans free of pesticides, herbicides and gmo's?=)

  3. Oh my! Glad I'm staying home and canning all day!

  4. you just moved to a whole 'nother world, didn't you?!

  5. Clint,
    I would worry about your mental health, if you had any. But clearly you are too sick for worry - it is a lost cause. So I will just wish you well as you go quietly into that good night.

    But watch out for those zombies......

  6. Well i am sure glad to be back in Indiana!

    And it is just funny that this only gets written in the US of A! haha


  7. All right...I get it... You'r the editor of the paper!? :)

  8. it the joke-part of the newspaper???

    I wonder if I have to be afraid to visit your town *laughing*

    Have a beautiful weekend and take care of yourself ;-)


  9. Okay, that has to be the most bizarre newspaper article I've seen! Zombies? Really? Hahaha...

    I thought it was bad living on the Olympic peninsula & being warned about vampires & werewolves!!
    Like Cindy said, "never a dull moment!"
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Sounds a great place to live,I remember Nashville in Tennessee with pleasure.

    Have a great week-end.

  11. Oh goodness, the paper must have weird page/articles, someones mind gone adrift!

  12. Better stay home... those are not very nice news to read...

    But really, I enjoyed looking at your Kentucky 3 - part posts. What lovely pictures you have shared with us. I love Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    The $8.00 pizza is unbelievable.

    Thanks for sharing all about the lovely spur of the moment trip you had.


  13. Hmmmm.I don't know. I think the ones from Canada would be pretty darn good;))

  14. Makes perfectly good sense to me, why would anyone want day old when they can have fresh? lol Have a wonderful Sunday Clint!