Monday, August 8, 2011

The Wife,The Husband, and the Bookcases.......

A Busy Wife is a Happy Wife!
Since we moved into our new digs in May, we have had a dozen large boxes of treasured books piled up in our den.  The reason?  We had no bookcases in our new home, and no place to put the books.  Frankly, it looked like a family of hoarders had moved in.
Down 'N Dirty....
The solution, of course, was to acquire a couple of bookcases.  That was not as easy as it might sound.  First of all, there just aren't that many for sale.  I tried Craigslist and the newspaper, but those avenues proved unproductive.  We thought about buying new bookcases from a furniture store, but the prices they charge are unbelievable.

Darn!---What's Takin' Ya So Long?
Finally, Cindy discovered two bookcases from Target on-line.  They looked pretty good.  Looked to be the right size to do the job, and the price was right---$100 each, and free shipping.  She ordered them.
Trust Me---She's Not Smilin'....
Three days later, they arrived.  One very big problem---they had to be put together. 
Man, This Iced Tea is Great!
Now, this wouldn't be such a problem if Clint were not challenged in the areas of working and playing well with others.  Clint has tried on many occasions to work on construction projects with Cindy, but Cindy has pronounced Clint to be hopelessly impatient and inept.  Thus, she has banned him from such household work projects.  She prefers to work alone while Clint is banned from the work area.  Actually, this arrangement seems to work pretty well for all involved.  She stays happy, and I get to stay married.

So, for several hours while I watched TV and sipped fresh iced tea, Cindy sat on the floor of our master bedroom and constructed the bookcases, which she says were terribly complicated to put together and which created a terrible mood which led to her yelling naughty words from time to time.  There were a few I was unfamiliar with---and I am an army vet and ex-athlete.  Glad I was not a part of her efforts.

Did I feel guilt as I relaxed and she sweated and cursed?  No, can't say as I did.  Ha.

The Finished Product.  She Couldn't Have Done it WITH Me.......

By and by, God smiled on her efforts, and after many fits and starts, she completed the project.  Then, it was my turn to load the books into the shelves.  Presto!---Husband and wife slay another dragon!


  1. ha! great job cindy! around here john does the constructing and i read the instructions/tell him what he's doing wrong.=)

  2. Congratulations Cindy, a big thumbs up for a wonderful job. Nice book shelving too, Clint. Did you ever work in a library? :)

  3. OH PFFFFT!!!! You are something...HOW does she put up with you?;);)
    Way to go did awesome!!!!:) Now go have your own iced tea- or 2:)(And shove Clint off the couch for me:)

  4. i can honestly share some of the frustration of attempting to work together on furniture assembly. probably wise you stayed out of it!

  5. One word for you Clint- Jewlery!!

  6. Really great job Cindy. I have done those put together jobs and it is great for expanding our creative vocabulary.
    I think Jane has a great idea.
    Arkansas Patti

  7. I knew a man just like late husband. Anything that was self assembled was a "No go". Thanks for bringing back memories and may I say Congrats to Cindy for a job well done.


  8. Bravo Cindy! And, Clint... well, at least you didn't supervise : ) I usually do the construction projects in our house. If I don't I hear, "Honey!" And then I have to figure out how on earth he did what he did... and fix it. hahaha

  9. Nice. the bookcases look great. I bought book cases from Unpainted Furniture. We took them home and stained them ourselves. We save a good bit of money over the ones you find at a regular furniture store.
    Good luck and thanks for visiting my site and following me.

  10. Bwahahah!!! Oh boy, this is rich. Sheesh, you have AT LEAST washed the dishes or did the laundry or cooked a meal! Ha!

    It's the opposite in my home. I am very good with power tools (I have renovated half my 1855 home nearly single-handedly!), but I have no patience for such picayune projects as Chinese-made bookshelves.

    I hear about the prices for shelves in the furniture stores. Whew! Pricey!

  11. You have some great comments! You failed to mention how many times you stuck your head into the bed room to announce "even a monkey could do it" and "my twelve year old son put it together in 30 minutes." Honestly, I read such comments in the reviews of the bookcase.

    As you can see, this "monkey" posting this comment had a heck of a time putting those darn things together!

  12. Didn't the lawn need mowed or something? lol jk

  13. hahaha that sounds sooo much like me and my hubby!!! haha

    And you worked perfecty well "toghether"! haha

    Thanks for the laugh clint!

  14. Man... you wouldn't last long in my house :)

  15. *laughing* In Germany they say:

    "Selbst ist die Frau" und "zwei linke Hände haben"

    and for sure, if the man has "two left hands" it is better to work alone. :-)))

    But those bookcases are really pretty. I wish I can find these for that price.

    Greetings to you and Cindy...please tell her that she made a really good job!!

  16. Hi Clint -

    You are a hoot. Good thing that you and Cindy read each other well.

    If that project were a book, I wonder what would be the title?

  17. OMG! This was too funny! Look at you sitting there sipping your tea!!! That Cindy is a keeper Clint! :)))