Wednesday, August 3, 2011

28 Hours.......Part II...............

Our Hotel --- Owned by the University of the Cumberlands

The Hotel Houses a Fantastic Taxidermy Museum---an Unexpected Treat
By the time we got to Williamsburg, Kentucky on Sunday evening, let me tell you---we were tired.  We had experienced a great day, however---filled with beauty and nature; and tempered by motoring magic over and through rural Kentucky's heartland.

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We broke out a cold bottle of Chablis that I had secreted away in our little cooler that accompanies us everywhere on our treks, and gently sipped the nectar.  Ahhhh.

It is a Christian University.  I Love it!

Too tired for eating out, we walked next door to our hotel and got take-out from McDonalds---a healthy salad for Cindy and a artery-bustin' cheeseburger and fries for moi.  Dang, it was good.  I slept like the dead.

The room coffee was too weak to drink, so we got some stronger stuff at a joint down the road---couldn't find a Starbucks. 

Then, our adventure began anew.  We drove around the town of Williamsburg.  I like this little burg!
I Even Have a Funeral Home Named After Me!

The center of the town is the beautiful college---The University of the Cumberlands.  It looks like a great center of higher learning. 

After driving around town, we repaired back to our hotel, where we wanted to see a museum that was housed inside. 

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It is billed as a "taxidermy museum".  I figured it would be some small---possibly hokey---two minute tour thingie.  WRONG!

The admission charge was (are you ready for this?) nothing.  No kiddin'.  Well, I thought, we're probably gonna get what we paid for....

But wow!---this place was great!

It was filled with animals of every hue and genus.  Professionally presented.  And what a large collection!---yes, lions, tigers and bears...and birds...and fish...and you name it, they had it.

We stayed about an hour and were really impressed.  The funny part is that the university and the hotel do not even advertise its existence.  It's one of the little unexpected chestnuts of a spur-of-the-moment trip like ours.

From the museum, we headed to Corbin, Kentucky.  Corbin is the original home of Colonel Sanders and his Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The original location is present, and we toured the place.  What a rags-to-riches story was the Colonel and his unique chicken!

Cindy Loves the Colonel!  Who Doesn't?
More on that tomorrow, when I report on the Colonel and his beginnings, when 28 Hours, Part III continues.......


  1. Loved your blog post, it was fun to read and relive the past few days. I was also amazed by the taxidermy museum. It is as though "they" don't want it advertised.

    A great trip, it is so wonderful to be back in this area, there's so much to do and see.

    Thank you and I am so happy you like to explore the world, too! ♥

  2. I brought my Ill
    Husband over to the computer to see some of the sites he never got a chance to even tho he was born and raised in KY.I LOVE THE PHOTO'S FROM THE PREVIEWS POST AND THE PICTURE OF THE HOLLOW ON THE ROAD PATH.I don't think he is ever gonna make it home again.I also showed him your blog about absinthe and how funny it was .it gave him a good laugh which he needed and it made me feel good.

  3. Very pretty, seems you had a great time. Lovely country.
    Interesting museum & tunnel.
    Amused at -your take out- we call it -take a way-
    Youngest sons nickname only to his older brother is Kernel, named after Colonel Sanders, as Kernal always wanted Zinger & Chips when we had take a way.

  4. Looks like you guys had a fun filled trip. I think everyone loves the Colonel and his chicken. Blessings to both of you.

  5. Interesting Trip!! Loved the Colonel....haven't had it for awhile...but it was my dad's favourite!

  6. that taxidermy museum is 'stuffed' with critters! ha ha ha...

  7. Great, great photos!!! I've been really enjoying your exploits. :)

  8. i got an image of a far side comic... a bunch of live animals at a human taxidermy museum... with stuffed humans playing with their cell phones and tying their shoes and stuff.=)

  9. I would have loved to see that museum. Thanks for the tour!

  10. How fun! I loved seeing the animals. And the other shots as well. Thanks for this!

  11. Part two was worth waiting for. Most enjoyable, pics are awesome.


  12. Not sure having a funeral parlor with my name on it would make me feel comfy.
    That was quite a free show you got to see and as for the Col, I did my share to turn his rags to riches.
    Arkansas Patti

  13. What an amazing trip, it looks like you're covering a lot of ground. I love the University, it's so quaint, it looks expensive to attend there though... a bit too rich for my blood. I guess I need to start selling chicken! ;-)

    The animals are pretty amazing, some of them look sort of spooky but I suppose if I were stuffed after I drew my last breath I'd look pretty spooky too! lol

    Enjoy! And thanks for the journey.

  14. How interesting....I love such museums, and CDN and the USA are so quiet good in presenting such things. With your fotos you took me with you on the trip.

    Thanks my friend


  15. Looks like an interesting museum. So cool also the 10 commandments on display at the university.

  16. How fun!! Spontaneous adventures are just the best, aren't they?? I'm glad you guys have the chance to explore & thanks for sharing your finds!!