Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Crazy Mom.......

Here is a Shot From 1954.  My Mom is Pouring Booze at a Company Party, and It Looks to Me Like This Isn't The First One She's Had.  Or, the Second, Either.   This is Funny Because She Seldom Drinks Alcoholic Beverages.  That's My Dad on the Left.
I was leafing through one of the family picture albums this morning and ran across some photographs of my mom.

Taken at Her 85th Birthday Celebration 3 1/2 Years Ago.  Hmmmm.......
People often wonder why I am as nutty as I am.  I think it's a genetic thing.  Ha.  I blame my mom---and dad, too.  It's certainly not MY fault.

This is Mom, Age 83, Swimming With the Dolphins in Florida Six Years Ago

Taken Near Monterrey, Mexico in 1953.   Dad Used to Say This Picture Shows Him on His A**.  Ha.  That's Dad on the Left Donkey and Mom on the Right.  Right After this Picture Was Taken, the Donkey Bit Dad and He Had to Have Medical Treatment.  This Turned out to be the Proverbial Trip From Hell---A Friend Who Went to Mexico With Them Got a Tapeworm and Had to Be Hospitalized.

Well, I guess I better stop because when mom sees this post I'm  gonna hear about it!


  1. I really enjoyed seeing these photos again of your mom and dad. Your mom still knows how to have fun! Notice the ears of the donkey (donkey body language) your mom is riding, maybe it was that one who bit your dad. Just happy they all survived! I know the trip you and I took to Mexico that lasted under one hour! That one hour was tooo long!

  2. @ Me too Cindy,

    I enjoyed seeing these photos too. Now we know why you are so crazy.....but positiv crazy. I enjoy every second visiting you blog.


  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family photographs Clint, Your mother certainly looked the life and soul of the party,

    Have a lovely day.

  4. This has been wonderful, Clint. Now I undertand a few things about you. Looks like you grew up in a fun family.
    Carol B.

  5. I enjoy this very much Clint, thank you. But like some of your posts, it makes me nostalgic too. With everything digital now, someone in the future has to get hold of an old working computer to reflect and bring us back to life. Your Mom, she's having fun.

  6. laughing! i LOVE your mom! me thinks that's an awesome gene pool!

  7. She is a lovely woman if a bit of a boozer:)) See where you got your looks and fun nature.
    Arkansas Patti

  8. You're sure to be sent to time-out for this one. She is a beautiful and vibrant lady - you are from good stock : )

  9. Ya! I'd say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!! LOL

  10. Your mom is a beautiful lady, it appears she is full of fun and adventure and anyone who is like that... well you just gotta love them!

  11. Lovely to see the photos and read what you wrote. Still answerable to your mum still.....hmmm! What a beaut couple, seems by the photos they were having fun.
    Amazing that your mum still is :)

  12. I love to hear the story accompanied by pictures .... show and tell ....enjoyed!