Tuesday, August 2, 2011

28 Hours....Part I

Last  Saturday night, we decided, as is our custom, to take off the next day for Kentucky and parts unknown.  Unplanned.  Impulsive.   Let's be surprised.  Let's see what happens.  Wild hair. Yee  Hawww!!!

We departed at noon on Sunday.  This blog will chronicle our 28-hour adventure into the incredible state of Kentucky and return trip home, which ended at 4:00 PM on Monday.  What a time!

The Kentucky Mountains Loom Ahead!

We Eschewed the Interstate for Scenic Country Roads

What an Enchanted Country Road!

Oh, My!

We Tunnel Under the Mountain to Kentucky


You See These Log Cabins all Across Appalachia

The Little, Historic Town of Cumberland Gap

View From Main St, Cumberland Gap

From Cumberland Gap, We Travelled to Middlesboro, Kentucky.  This Town was Built in the Middle of a Meteorite Impact Crater!

Back on the Road to Williamsburg, Kentucky.  Across this Scenic Old Steel Bridge and Down Winding, Hilly State Highways.......

To Our Hotel in Williamsburg

Our Hotel is Owned by the University of the Cumberlands---It Houses a Cooool Museum.  More on that tomorrow....Part II of "28 Hours"


  1. cool, did you roll down the window and let wind blows in your hair?

  2. This was a joy to read and view Clint. wish I was there, look forward to the next part.


  3. loved the cattle in the pasture. can't wait to see more!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful trip!
    It is in Romania? ha ha ...joking!

    It seems to be in Romania...It is like in Romania.

    Anyway, I have enjoyed every minute!
    Thank you!
    My best regards!

  5. oh fun! i love road trips. this year we have to skip because we don't want to leave our cat-baby. i'll live vicariously through yours!=)

    great photos. i esp like the log cabin and the albino cows!

  6. Oh wonderful trip! I love pictures. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more!

  7. Wow, thanks for the pics and the tour..great stuff. Don't you wish you could sit in that little log cabin and listen to what those walls are saying? And..you're bringing a little bit of Texas up there with that "yeeehaww"....hahaha..

  8. Well, shoot, at your age (not your wife's age, of course :) it makes perfect sense that you would be staying in a hotel that is also a MUSEUM! ha ha ha

    Seriously, (well almost) those are some great pictures and I am jealous as homemade sin. :)

  9. That is how road trips should be done. Just go, get off the main roads and keep the camera charged up.Love the shots.
    Looking forward to the next installment.
    Arkansas Patti

  10. I love that part of the country. Thanks for taking us along. I can't wait to see the rest of the trip.

  11. Loved the trip! Haven't been down there for a few years. I wanted to go this summer, but chicks and dogs, and such.

  12. The pictures are lovely, Clint. These spur of the moment getaways always turn out to be so meaningful!

    Looking forward to more pictures...


  13. Thanks for taking me with you. It is absolutly great that you are so impulsive. Looking for the next pictures...and my travelling in the morning with you.

    Have a great day


  14. How wow .... and I was not invited to go along this awesome tour of Kentucy....love those mountains...it has been since 2008 that I have laid my eyes upon their beauty but if all goes as plan I will trek across them this coming October.....enjoyed your your pics....a passion of mine also ...always have my four cameras on me! Have a happy day Clint...thanks for always being so faithful to view and post on my blog....