Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brothers and Sisters in Blue and Gray.......

Ladies Dressed in Authentic 1860s Era Garb
Today, Cindy and I took six year old grandson Canyon down the road to Pigeon Forge to visit the Civil War Memorabilia and Reenactment show.  It was spectacular.

Cindy and Canyon Pose With Friendly Reenactors
There were men and women dressed in period garb; lessons on customs of the day; reenactments involving firearms and cannon; over a hundred tables containing relics of the era; music of the mid 1860s; and some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable folks we have seen in a while.
Canyon Loves This Naval Cannon

Canyon was entranced.  And I got to bask in the glory of one of my passions as I visited with reenactors and exhibitors. 

Civil War Bullets and Other Artifacts

This Battle Flag Was Not For Sale, But is Worth Approximately $100,000
This was the first show of its kind that Cindy attended with me, and she was drawn to the culture so much that I had to forcibly pull her out of the exhibit hall. 

Canyon Meets Honest Abe Lincoln

Most People Don't Know That African-Americans Fought in Great Numbers For the Southern Cause

The Regimental Surgeon Provided Us With a Wealth of Information Regarding Medical Practices of the Day

Preparing To Fire the 12-Pound Cannon


In the Field With Troops Around Their Tents

Checking His 1860s Era Timepiece

Canyon and His Musket

The Regimental Surgeon Demonstrates Amputation Following an Arm Bone Being Shattered by a Minie Ball

Cindy and Canyon Pose With a Union Naval Officer


  1. Such a great post on our wonderful day! The photos all turned out great. Canyon and I thank you for taking us, can't wait to attend another show. I learned so much and we met some wonderful people.

  2. glad you all had a great time with history. :)

  3. This was quite a production - for old and young alike. Glad you got to go, so you could share

  4. What a grand time with Grandpa Clint. I enjoyed the the show too through your pictures and your post. I saw folks of Scarlett O'Hara's, Thank you Clint, for sharing.

  5. People go to the emergency For a splinter these days. Can you imagine having an amputation in the field?

  6. I love love love Civil Ware History! What a great event. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ohh i would love to dress up like that !!!

    And that cannon is BIG!


  8. Very interesting...what a great day. I wish I could go with you. I love such shows and the dress is just fantastic.

    Have a great sunday

    hugs to you and Cindy

  9. It looked great, I bet Grandpa Clint enjoyed it every bit as grandson.


  10. My grandson, Hunter loves the history of war, Not sure I am excited about that ..his passion is beyond what I think is "safe" b/c this old nana doesn't want her grandson off in war times...wink wink....I would love to share such an awesome time with Hunter. I wished I had know about it I may could have gathered up my pennies and scouted across America to attend with him....loved your pics Clint....way cool!

  11. Wow, this is an amazing way for your adorable grandson to learn about history. I bet this trip is something Canyon will never forget.

    The Regimental Surgeon sure looks like he was meant to be born in a different era, and what fun for Canyon to see the cannon being fired! It must have been deafening.

    Have a wonderful Sunday Clint!

  12. very interesting. Have a nice day.
    Greetings Sabine

  13. I love this post, Clint! It is so interesting. Abe Lincoln looks so convincing. Thanks for the great pics, they say a lot. What a lucky boy Canyon is, he looks happy in the pics and quite engaged in all that's going on.Blessings. :)

  14. What a wonderful time you all had! Loved the pics! Have a great evening!

  15. GREAT PICS !!!

    But truly, I do NOT want to think about medical practices of field hospitals of THAT day.

    Looks like Canyon had loads of fun.