Friday, August 19, 2011

News of the Weird.......

I swear you can't make this stuff up.  Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.  And, once again, as regular readers of this blog will attest, I have included the newspaper article to document the story as being authentic.......straight from the pages of the Knoxville News-Sentinel, August 19, 2011.
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It seems that Mark Evry of West Knoxville left his home the morning of April 15 to walk his dog, Jack, around the neighborhood.   Evry, who had his dog on a leash, did not think to take along his cell phone or billfold or house keys, figuring he would be back home within 30 minutes or so.

But Jack got away from Evry and began to run off.  Evry gave chase through the large neighborhood and soon became hopelessly lost.  The dog was nowhere to be found, and Evry was all alone and without a clue as to how to return home.  Evry and his wife had just moved into their West Knoxville home; and the four bedroom, brick and vinyl siding, short driveway, well manicured lawn home looked exactly like all the other hundreds just like it in the large, upscale neighborhood.

Evry said he wasn't too concerned at first, but because he had just moved in, he had not had time to get to know his neighbors, and he had not memorized his address.  He spent the next four months roaming the neighborhood, looking in vain for his home.  He subsisted on grass clippings and water he collected in an old boot.

Then one day last week, he was overjoyed to see his wife, Janet, emerging from the front door of their home.  He had been gone four months, however, and she had thought him gone for good and had remarried.

His advice:  "be sure you memorize your address and your wife's phone number if you move to a new home.  And above all, make sure you are wearing pants."


  1. hahaha! Cell phones... don't leave home without one. After 4 months she remarried? Hmmm... doesn't sound like a great marriage to me.

  2. Remember when I had your cell phone number and still got lost in our neighborhood when we moved to Texas? Remember when I called you and told you our garage door remote was not working and would you please open the garage door for me. Meanwhile, I am waiting for you to open the garage door and I wait and wait...

    I call you again and you ask, "Where are you?"

    "Outside the garage door".

    You say "You are not there, where are you, I've walked out to the alley and can find you no where". I remember you even walked in front of the house, thinking I'd driven to the front.

    Oops! About this time I notice the house number over the garage door is NOT our house number, neither is the roof color ... I am in my next door neighbor's drive way. You admit, too, the backs of the houses in the alley do look
    alike. :-O

    You don't have to read News of the Weird, you are LIVING News of the Weird!

  3. You are pulling my leg, fess up!
    She couldn't remarry after only 4 months; it has to be missing for 7 years doesn't it? Was it a community of blind people? I just cannot comprehend this happening.

  4. That may be the lamest story I have ever heard a guy make up to cover for a 4 month fling:)))
    Arkansas Patti

  5. LOL
    Thanks for sharing this ' funny.' Even better, was your wife's story...tho sorry she was the one that got lost in the neighborhood...funny stuff

  6. I was thinking what a weird thing to have happened, like surely he could have gone to the police or something! But then I read Arkansas Patti's comment... hmmm.....

  7. Really funny, and I laughed more when I read the comment of Cindy.

    Not to know where you are...ok...when you are new at a new place, but not to find home over four month. That's crazy.

    Beautiful weekend for you and Cindy


  8. Hi Clint -

    Is this a true story? It sounds unbelievable.
    Remarried in four months? What?! is the real deal here, please?

  9. Note to self, if I ever remarry and move to a new subdivision and love the man I've married buy him a T-shirt that says "If lost return to ...." ;-)

    Have a great day Clint, thanks for the chuckle!

  10. Hi Clint, A few of my followers has disappeared also I can't get your post unless I go to one of the comments you made on my blog.Your photo has gone from my followers likewise your from my list. Strange thing has happened. I wrote a comment to someone as she was reading it, it disappeared from view saying comment deleted by blog admin. I tried to join your followers but nothing happened.
    Hope you're ok.

  11. If that was Ray I'd be driving around in the car looking for him, and phone the police to report him missing. I hate homes that all look alike..the first thing I would do is plant a couple of differnt trees in the front yard and paint my front door red. This poor man, I can't believe his wife married again, didn't she have to prove him divorced or dead??? Amazing!!

  12. That Cindy has it right!! (She MUST know!) poor girl...:)

  13. I'll be smiling for the rest of the day. Thanks for getting my day off to such a bright start. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  14. That is just weird!
    Nobody went out to check on him???
    My gosh Clint are you sure that paper of yours is accurate????


  15. I was not born yesterday but the day before that,maybe

  16. We moved yearly when I was a child, and understand how this man feels. I was once lost for a while year. Missed all of fourth grade.

    Still can't write in cursive.


    Nice post!


  17. Geez Louise after four months and no "memorial service" she remarried? Someone knew the way to his house ....LOL ...