Monday, August 15, 2011

The Local Art Show.......

Yesterday, Cindy talked me into attending our local Sunday afternoon art show.  It was only five minutes from our house, and we had a great time.

There was a pretty darn good crowd!

Floral Arrangements
There was all kinds of artwork---paintings in oil and watercolor and pencil and other media; sculptures of all descriptions; craftwork; floral displays; musical entertainment for the attendees and refreshments.

Easy Listening Entertainment



I Really Like This Painting

And This One


I Love Soaring, Bronze Eagles

Larry, Curly and Moe

Had a great time.  Cindy says she will display her art next year!


  1. Yes, we had a great time and am so glad we attended. A wave of depression hit me as I walked in and reaized how I should have been prepared to be a part of it. The process of moving did not end when the Mayflower truck pulled away, we're still in the process but hope to nip it in the bud ... SOON! I've got to get back to painting and get my priorities straight. You did a good job on this post, your pictures were good. ♥

  2. Your really finding some interesting things in your new town.

  3. Thanks for the tour, Clint. Go for it, Cindy. Look forward to seeing your art.

  4. Yes, as Cindy said, you did a great job with this post! Maybe I will start drawing again, too!
    My best regards!

  5. I really like the portraits. Some people have thee gift.

  6. It is always a treat to attend an event that you did not expect to enjoy and then find yourself having a good time. I love that portrait of the young girl. I hope Cindy soon returns to her painting. I'd love to see her work. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Looks like a really cool show! YES! Cindy should 100% show her work next year! How great!

  8. Larry, Curly and Moe was a hoot! but really loved the pencils and the gazing girl in the window of rain. Loved the show. Now, have Cindy display some of her art work here on your blog....would love to see her talent.

  9. Oh I love art shows My brother is an amazing artist and teaches it so I am lucky enough to go to a lot of them.
    I like the prints and abstract. I would love to see Cindy's art. B

  10. I'm not into art shows..but that one looked wonderful!!

  11. That does look fun! I need to check into my neighborhood and see if we have one. Thanks!

  12. This looks like a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, there was sure a large variety of things to see. I love community gatherings such as this, it really brings people together.

    Excellent post Clint, thanks for sharing it with us. I'm looking forward to seeing Cindy's art next year... or sooner!

    So did you manage to get some sleep last night? lol Have a fantastic evening!

  13. I loved those pencils also. Cindy, we will look for yours next time. No need for us to wait a year.
    Arkansas Patti

  14. Hi Clint,
    Some nice art work here.

  15. Thanks for going with you on the tour. I always loved those Art Shows, and you know...I miss them, not only them. I am missing the trips to CDN and the States since I am remembering all the things.

    Beautiful day and greetings

  16. A great way to spend Sunday afternoon.The oils look interesting.So many vibrant colours. :)

  17. I love art shows, my brother had a few exhibited a few years ago. The pics here are wonderful , I enjoyed the visit, thanks Clint.

  18. Hello Clint, I enjoyed your photos, your favorites could be my favorites too. I was attracted to this post because of Powell Playhouse. Is everybody in the South named Powell and come to think of it, is everybody in the South named Clint?:)