Saturday, July 9, 2011

Will You Marry Me? Quack Quack Waddle Waddle.......

The east Tennessee social event of the year occurs today at the duck pond in Fountain City, a part of the city of Knoxville.  Everybody who is anybody will be in attendance.

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Yes, my peeps, a gentleman by the name of Scott Crown will be married today.  The blushing bride is a duck---an inhabitant of the  the poop-filled waters of the town lake that is known as "the duck pond".

Undoubtedly, the ceremony will be officiated by a quack preacher.

While New York and other states pass laws legalizing homosexual marriage, Tennessee blazes the trail legalizing marital unions between man and beast.  Is this a great Kauntry, or what?


  1. Oy! Our kauntry is in a quandry! "My wife is just ducky and yours?"

  2. Rubber ducky, you're so fine;
    Will you pretty please be mine?

  3. too each his own. you can't help who you fall in love with, i say...

  4. are you invited? by the groom or the bride?

  5. "she eats bread. i'm allergic to gluten." ha! i really hope this is a joke. and i hope he doesn't get romantic with the poor thing *shudder*!!!

  6. Well to each their own I suppose, have you been invited? if so by which side.

    Have a wonderful week-end.

  7. I'm in New York and there are a dozen or so of us here orrified by the actions of the most dysfunctional state government in the union. They can pass such lousy laws but they can't manage to lower taxes...

    Sad thing about the new law is that businesses, even businesses (and schools) run by Christians, will be forced to hire/pay for benefits/tolerate homosexual unions or else be slammed with fines and jail time.

    Maranatha, Lord Jesus.

  8. Hi Clint! I found you via Texwis Girl :)
    I live in Monroe County, way over in Tellico Plains! A fellow east Tennessean!
    Nice to another blogger from the area.

    Your post is hilarious!! Geez. Makes one wonder...what is next!
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. I agree with from my front porch... what's next? lol Some organizations go to great lengths to prove a point... this one is a bit extreme if you ask me. What about the duck, if it's not happy in the marriage how will it get out of it? Have they even considered the poor ducks feelings? sheesh! lol Have a wonderful Saturday Clint, if you're off to a wedding have fun! ;-)

  10. My area might be on the edge of 'red neck' , so this is not even the strangest thing I have seen at a wedding ;)

  11. I googled, 'man marries duck' just out of curiosity and was asked: Did you mean man marries dog? Oh dear....

  12. Are you serious? hmmmm wonder if the duck will remain faithful? OH well what does it mater now days.... God help us!!

  13. This is just too funny. I wonder where they are registered.
    Arkansas Patti

  14. I'm going to have to side with Bll OReilly on this one,

  15. quack preacher! :) You are too funny Clint. I hear you're growing older by the hour. Happy Birthday!

  16. Have a look:

  17. now I am able to marry Duffy Duck????

    *laughing*...what a crazy world!!!

    I saw Patrinas it was or is your birthday??

    Happy Birthday to you *sing* and al the best for the next years.

    Beautiful day, greatings und hugs