Friday, July 8, 2011

Far and Near.......

Didja' ever see something every day and not really give it much thought?  And then, maybe even years later, stop to examine it closely and discover to your astonishment that the object in question was not at all as you assumed it to be?

Maybe it was lovelier than you thought.....maybe the details of the object, when viewed up close, were incredibly and unexpectedly---even breathtakingly---beautiful or ugly.

Maybe it was another person you had taken for granted for years,  that now you have gotten to know him on a personal level, and found that this person is not as you imagined as you viewed her casually from afar.  Up close, maybe she became alive and unexpectedly vibrant.  Or maybe he disappointed, and was much less than you expected.

Have you ever looked at a part of your own personality---I mean really examined it up close---and found that it is something that, unexpectedly, needs improvement?

Such is the theme of a great short story by Thomas Wolfe, one of America's greatest writers. The name of the story is "Far and Near".     It is included in a collection of his short stories entitled "From Death to Morning".

He is a writer that will make you think deeply about his themes.  I like that very much.


  1. I really like this post, I know this subject is something you and I discuss often. It is such a part of life. I am anxious to start reading the short stories so we can discuss them.

  2. Well you have peaked interest, thanks Clint.

  3. Good to have Cindy to discuss....;-)

    Have a beautiful weekend


  4. I have read from Thomas Wolfe only the novel "Look
    homeward Angel". I have to read these short stories too. Thank you for the recommandation!

  5. I THINK YOU EXPLAINED THAT SONG I LOVE "If You Love Pinnacolata's "[dancing in the rain ect.]

  6. Clint,
    Unfortunately, yes, I have looked at "parts of my personality" - along with several hundred others. :) Sometimes it wasn't pretty!

    I used to administer personality profile tests like Myers/Briggs, Keirsey/Bates, and others. Lot's of fun...sometimes...other times just plain old scary. :)
    Have a good one - Marsha

  7. This has piqued my interest, I'll add it to things to read when I don't HAVE TO read. One of the toughest things in life I ever did was discover that I needed improvement and then took the necessary steps to improve who I am... now that is tough work!

    Enjoy your day Clint and Cindy!