Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is Home?

A few days ago I posted a blog about a visit to my mom's retirement home.  I mentioned that she does not consider her little apartment there to be "home" in the traditional sense.  She says it is a pleasant and safe place to live out her days, but that she thinks of home as where she and my dad spent their years raising their family.

It got me to thinkin'.  There are many ways of thinking of "home". 

It could be a place you lived as a child, where your memories are warm and where your thoughts come alive when you picture it in your mind.

It could be visions of your loved ones---where they are at any particular time is where you consider "home".

It could be where you exist at any time on this earth.

It could be a specific time frame of your life---one that you consider the most nurturing and formative.

It could be that "home" is the final spot reserved for you in the next life.

What is "home" to you?


  1. Home to me is being with you where ever you are present.

  2. At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I've always insisted that home was anywhere my husband was. We lived in dumps and palaces and whatI remember from both are people. He made that journey possible. have a wonderful day, Clint. Blessings...Mary

  3. My home is my family. Have a nice day.
    Greetings Sabine

  4. My Mother was just remarking the other day that she can not imagine a time when someone else will be living in her home that my late Father built from the ground up. She paused, then turned to me, laughed, and said "maybe when I go I will just burn it down".

  5. My home is with my husband and in Heaven. Interesting post- got me thinking. Thanks Clint!

  6. There's that old saying "home is where the heart is." Then there is "home is where I hang my hat." I'm sure there are many more. For me, Clint, home is where have peace of mind, a place that is a safe haven, and in that "place" my favorite place is in my husband's embrace. His love is only second to that of God, and God embraces us all.

  7. Home, wow? Now you have brought my head to a spin...I have so many places that feels "at home" but I guess there would be 2 special places...the very first place is I have this longing to dwell in the heavenlies with my Lord...that is the burning desire within but home in in the midst of my and dad, sister and my kids

  8. Home is where I close the door behind me and say the world stops there. (I am not very social you see)

  9. home is where the good food is. teeheehee

    i used to say home is where my mom is. she's lived in 3 different places the past 10-15 years and each one has felt like home. but now home is wherever i'm with john and biggles.

  10. For me, home is where ever the deer horn dinner gong (a family treasure) resides. We moved so much but when that monstrosity was brought out, I knew I was home. I was the lucky one to inherit it.
    Arkansas Patti

  11. Now you have me thinking Clint. I would define home at this very moment as this house I live in, when I'm in the country at my boyfriends that's my temporary home. These two places are my physical residences, home as I know it as a spiritual being going through a human experience.

    In the bigger picture home will be awaiting and I'll know it when I get there. I'll join my family who arrived before I did and my family left behind when I'm gone will join us in the future. I'm not in any rush, I've just started to enjoy the ride here! ;-)

  12. "Home is where my heart is"

    and it can be everywhere.

    Greetings and a beautiful day

  13. Hi Clint! Your post stired some memories. I've lived places that were an interim place to live. There was no attachment and it sure felt good when it was time to move on.

    While I love the home my husband and I have now, I long for my heavenly home. Each day it seems sweeter and sweeter. Whether by divine appointment or when the trumpet blows to call the Lord's children home...I look forward to that day.

    Blessings in Christ...Susan

  14. me it used to be wherever my "sweet" husband was. Unfortunately he is neither sweet nor my husband today.
    I look forward to my home in Heaven...I love the song, "This World Is Not My Home". Those lyrics hold a lot of meaning for me. Thanks for the thought provoking post!!

  15. Hi Clint -

    In this life, home for me is whereever I'm in the will of GOD. Home in the heart with the ONE WHO has reserved an eternal home for me, and whosoever will...