Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Livin' off the Land.......

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Date:   July 4, 2011
Time:  7:00 AM
Place: My Back Yard

The previously announced discovery of a precious natural resource growing in the hedge bordering my back yard has necessitated the harvesting of said resource. 

Precious ripened blackberries dot the innards of the thick hedge.  They must be gathered and presented to woman for processing.

It has been decided that a cobbler will be forthcoming.
And Now.......Into the Oven!
Following a holiday dinner of baby back ribs and baked spuds, the berries are whipped up with whatever else woman uses to construct said cobbler, baked in the oven and presented to her hunter-gatherer husband for consumption. 

Ahhhhhhhhhh.  Woman has done good.  I think I'll keep her around a while longer.  I hope she doesn't read this.  :)

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!


  1. Woman is gonna gain weight if husband keeps gathering. Woman needs to just eat only berries. No cobbler.

  2. Clint here am I trying to lose a few pounds and you put on a most delicious blog, the food looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.


  3. thanks for the great laugh today!!! and cindy's comment too!

  4. Would have been nice if Man published recipe that Woman made. Looks pretty good.

  5. Gawsh darn it, Clint, you done made me hongry! What's missing? Ice cream and the recipe. :-}

  6. Your own mockingbird to serenade you in the morning and now your very own blackberry supply just there for the harvesting ..... I think God is biased! lol! Have a great day, Clint. :)

  7. yum! looks like man could start a garden in that sunny yard.=)

  8. That hedge really makes up for all those white rocks they saddled you with.
    I gained a pound just looking.
    Arkansas Patti

  9. Blackberries are the best as I discovered while growing up on the AR farm--we had the wonderful fruit galore growing on barbed-wire fences, on the levees encircling Red River and other places where snakes "hung out". Now and then my grandmother made a delicious blackberry cobbler such as this, but we mainly made blackberry jam (with the seeds) to enjoy during the long, rainy, cold winter months. Yum, yum!

  10. Man cannot bake :) only consume??

  11. okay I'm coming over for some of those berries!!!

  12. Like I wrote before....I love blackberries and the blackberry cobbler looks delicios.

    Right now I wanna be Captain Kirk:

    "Scotty beam me up (at Clint and Cindys place)"


  13. I second what Jane said....recipe??
    haha, It looks delicious! I wish I could just grab a bite right off the screen!!

  14. Man consciously did not include recipe in this post because man did not want to be subjected to criticism for eating unhealthy stuff like sugars and doughs. Now, man is being skewered for not including recipe. Man has a hard life. sigh....

  15. this is too funny especially looking at man with long hair in shorts with a basin in hand. this is happy.

  16. LOL, so did woman read this post? The cobbler looks absolutely delicious!