Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brain Overload.......

Good friend, my brain is on overload and the only way to discharge the buildup, which is a dangerous condition that can lead to schizophrenia and other terrible conditions that no doctor in the world can cure---not Sigmund Freud,  not Mother Teresa, not Bob Dylan---is to unload the burden that has accumulated on an unsuspecting Blogger audience and pray that they too, like moi, are not adversely affected.

I awoke at 3:30 this morning to the sounds of heavenly warbling, trilling, chirping, and singing of a member of the avian species that calls my backyard her home, although she has never made the first payment toward same.  I shall overlook that fact, however, as her singing is as precious and wondrous a thing as God hath ever wrought.  I closed my eyes in the predawn darkness and, for an hour, was mesmerized by her repertoire of highs, lows, and wafting musical bits of bird genius.   Mozart himself would be a mere elementary level student in the presence of this heavenly master.

I decided over the course of this day that the crooner must be a mockingbird, a species, I am told, that boasts over thirty different, distinct sounds in its considerable book of psalms.  This morning was the second day I have heard this angelic concert, and I hope to hear many more such in the days and months to come.

On another note---pun intended---I was shocked and amazed later in the day when Cindy casually asked me if I had ever heard of something called a "Katydid".  You coulda' knocked this po' boy over with a feather when I heard that question.  I've known about Katydids all my life and am wondering where this poor child has been.  I don't think I'll ever get over that one.

At the local supermarket, I was astonished to find that a new sign had been erected in the parking lot---advising that a spot has been set aside for "parents with children".  This establishes, along with the handicapped, those pregnant and employees of the month, a  new class of priviledged individuals.  I suppose that I could park in that space if I had my 40 year old daughter with me.  Hmmm.

Let it be known that my beloved Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, my favorite sauce for the past X number of years, has now been displaced from its number one position by the Blues Hog brand.  Ain't nuthin' like it.  You prolly can't buy it where you are, because it is not widely distributed....but trust me---it will be.

Then, along around noonish, following a nice, leisurely workout, I was surprised to discover that, in the thick hedge that borders our backyard, a considerable mess of blackberries is growing and is ready for harvest, which Clint has tentatively scheduled for tomorrow morning before the heat of the day makes life outdoors unbearable for man and beast alike.  Visions of blackberry cobbler have been dancing through my head all afternoon.  With vanilla ice cream, of course.  That goes without saying.

I have come into the possession of a book that is truly great writing with great insight.  Well, that is what great writers do, and ThomasWolfe is certainly one of this country's greatest writers.  Name of book:  From Death To Morning.

It occurred to me this mawnin', after my usual two mugs o' joe, that the inground sprinkler system we had in our front yard in Texas is a far inferior way to irrigate neighborhood grass that the simple, yet highly effective and cheap above ground hose and oscillating sprinkler that I now possess.  Inground systems require constant expense and repair.  The cheap thingie I got now requires nothing, and that is something I excel at.

Also, while roaming the backyard today I realized once again how  lucky I am to have shed myself of swimming pool ownership.  No more chlorine, pumps, electrical systems, filters, pool cleanings, Kreepy Kraulys that don't work and wives that are not happy because more money must be spent on upkeep. 

Good friend, thank you for listening.


  1. i enjoyed your musings. thanks for sharing.=)

  2. Beautiful.I thoroughly enjoyed this. Just the perfect pause for my Sunday afternoon of writing school mid-year reports.
    The mockingbird is my favourite. Have a great week, Clint.

  3. All this in one day, now this is a picture perfect day in my opinion... right from beginning to end! I've never had a pool so I can't relate to pool upkeep, I still dream of owning my own pool one day but what's the point in Alberta? I'd be able to use it maybe two or three months of the year.

    Have a fantastic evening!

  4. i'm thinking your mockingbird is a male. most males hoping to attract a mate sing well into the night and all day if they have to...

    love the 'cheap' and simple way of life you've got going on the lawn and no-pool yard. i'm all about less fuss and expense for more enjoyment time. :)

  5. I miss my pool but yes I know the upkeep and do not miss that. However, my husband and I would love some blackberry cobbler. When may we come over? lol
    Enjoy your pictures! What freshness I can almost smell.
    I'll even try your bbq sauce even though I'm a mustard base girl. That's my SC roots coming through *chuckles*
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow! Much love to you and Cindy!

  6. WOW...the berries look delicious, and your garden looks so clean. You must be a good gardener.

    I know the sign for parents with kids from Germany, and it´s a good idea. Laughed about the hint (your daughter), you should try to park there when she comes to your place.

    Have a beautiful day and many greetings

  7. Interesting post...on that note...we finally put up our pool... I know it is Alberta...and once we get our 2 swims in a season...we wonder why...but the kids...(yes the grown ones sort talk us into it as they like it too) So we're hoping for a couple swims this year? But its only for 2 months so the up keep doesn't seem to bother us!

  8. Loved the read,most enjoyable. I have often thought about the "Parents with children" at car parks after all I am a mother and a daughter.
    Have a good 4th July and enjoy yourselves.

  9. What a nice stroll through your mind. I too am an admirer of the Mockingbird. One man band at its best.
    Don't know if I will give up on Sweet Baby Rays which I use in my beans but I may try the new kid on the block.
    Enjoyed the ramble.
    Have a great 4th.

  10. What great readers and comments you have here! You are blessed! I know I am anxious to read the short stories of Thomas Wolfe, too. BTW, it is the sound of the kadydid that I don't recognize. I will have to find a Youtube video of it. Anxious to have some Blues Hog sauce today. I want to share with your readers that our realtor suggested Blues Hog. Our realtor is a serious barbequer, travels around the country with his deluxe trailer/smoker/etc to enter competitions. When I asked him if he had to buy one bottle of a commercial sauce, he suggested "Blues Hog". Even better, a short while later he goes into a local grocery store (the only one who carries it) and buys us our first bottle as a gift! This stuff does not stay on the grocery shelf for very long, more than once since we moved here I have found an empty space there. I have three bottles now.

  11. Thank you for sharing. I woke up early in the morning with birdssinging in my ears.
    Have a nice week.

  12. I like the book! I don't like the sign!

    But oh well, i'm just a crazy Ductch lady! haha

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my bucket list post!

    Have a great 4th!

  13. Brain dead..yep, I know how that feels..its good to be retired and able to plaese yourself about the day. I love awaking to bird song. How good of God to give us that. Plus all the other creature comforts.. And our Blogger friends. Well, they become so real to us. The good part is we now have like minded mad friends who write away so we can read on the other side of the world. So many blessing, and we take most for granted. Good onya Clint, right down to the parking sign for mums and bubs.. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Hi Clint -

    You're a hoot...

    I love the bird that sang to you. Did you tip the dear soloist?

  15. from death to morning..i'll remember that. come take my pool away.