Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Absinthe Before and After.......

So many of my devoted friends have asked me how the absinthe (the topic of yesterday's blog) turned out.
Me Before Drinking Absinthe
Well, Cindy and I decided to try it yesterday before dinner.  She  had a small glass of the stuff; but I decided to really try it.  While Cindy had a petite little flute full, Clint poured a man-sized 60 ounces or so.  I'll show a woman how to drink.
My 60 OZ Vat of the Potion and Cindy's Puny Little Glass
Cindy Prepares to Taste Absinthe For the First Time
I guess I didn't read my own blog about the potency of the wormwood plant and the extremely high alcoholic content of the magical elixir. 
My First Taste of Absinthe

You talk about hallucinating.  You talk about out-of-body experience.  You talk about trips to Mars.
Me After Drinking Absinthe
Of course, I remember little of it.  Woman tells me I recited all of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and was able to correctly figure square roots in my head and give her the answer within 3 seconds.

Unfortunately, she took a few pics to prove that I had been severely transformed during this episode.


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  2. you are such a ham!!!! hilarious!!!

  3. I don't know what to say! ha ha ha......

  4. Such a actor you are and that is great make up. After I got over the shock, I laughed big time:)) Kind of looks like a Meth abuse poster,
    Arkansas Patti

  5. Hahaha oops you did it again!!! You silly old bear. That's a great post very creative. I really enjoyed it.

  6. Pick me up, oh my stomach muscles are contracting, ROFLMAO, you are of Absin'the of mind! Mercy, Man!
    LOLOLOL sorry, can't help myself

  7. You had me fooled at first but you deserve an oscar for acting, This cheered me up no end.
    Thanks for the laugh.


  8. Too funny! You're hilarious my friend! lol

  9. *undermydesksittingandlaughing*

    You are crazy!! *stilllaughing* Great post and pictures. Did you do the coloring of you face by your own???

    I know why I gave you the "Super Award"

    Have a great day

    greetings and hugs

  10. Looks like this stuff did a number on you :)

  11. I tried to stay away from following my blogger today,but I'm glad I STOPPED FOR A VISIT--I NEEDED A GOOD LAUGH.Is that really you with make up.I WOULD LIKE ASK A FAVOR OF SOME FELLOW KY. FOR MY HUSBAND.he is in the mpls. VA hospital waiting for a biopsy on his pancreas-I brought him to urgent care there on SUN. for a belly ache,and they did a cat scan and says he has a large mass on his pancreas. please pray for him

  12. Thank you for this very descriptive PSA about why drinking can be a horrifying experience-- for the viewer, that is. LOL

  13. Oh my goodness!!! Stay away from that stuff!! Cindy was clever, she was sane enough to take the photos...but me thinks she touched you up some. LOL

  14. I suspect the two of you have great fun together :-). That was quite some glass. Next thing you know, we'll see you in an artists smock roaming the streets of Paris. Have a great day, Clint. Blessings...Mary

  15. Oh my goodness what are you doing? L.O.L.!
    You find my translator at the left in my sidebar.
    Greetings Sabine

  16. Okay, so this is the first time I have looked at your blog. I am not sure if I am frightened or amused. I will get back to you on that : )

  17. Hmmm, yeah, but was it fun?

    Great post today!

  18. Yikes! Remind me never to drink with the two of you! :)

    and that business about house hunting being worse than a 100 root canals have given me nightmares. Now this post "piles on" - what are you - a Pile Driver ??? :)

  19. hahaha oh my oh my! What have you gotten yourself into! You look absolutely horrible!

    No more absinte for you!

    Stick with the Anisette! haha

  20. OH, MY!!! That is just way too funny. Well done, from concept to delivery!!!!

    ...and now your little jab on my blog about "going to a lot of trouble" takes on acres of fresh meaning.

    Ewe roc.

  21. too too funny. Cindy is a great companion to your list of STORIES...

    This was most certainly a BIG story!

    I loved it. You look like Einstein....scary!

    Patrina <")>><

  22. BAHAHAHAHAa....
    How did i miss this!?!

  23. such laughter has filled my house not many days before today! Enjoyed your posting ...

  24. I can tell from the photos you were drinking real absinthe... the color is all wrong, and the louche is far too thin. It was likely Czech stuff CALLED absinthe, La Torment Verte (A very very bad fake French absinthe) or something similar. Not the real thing. Very funny photos though!