Monday, July 11, 2011


Yesterday, Cindy presented me with a bottle of Absinthe.  This lore-laden potion has an incredible history---filled with tales of extra-sensory experiences, other-worldly bad trips and warnings of ghostly premonitions.

Absinthe is a distilled, highly alcoholic (45%---74%) beverage.  It is an anise flavored spirit derived from herbs, including the flowers and leaves of Artemisia Absinthium, or "Grande Wormwood", together with green anise and sweet fennel.
It is sometimes mistakenly called a liquer, but since it is not bottled with added sugar it is therefore properly referred to as a "spirit".

Absinthe achieved its greatest popularity in late 19th and early 20th century France, especially among writers and artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Charles Baudelaire and many others.

Absinthe has been portrayed as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug.  By 1915, it was banned in the United States and most of Europe.  By 1995, it had been removed as a banned substance in most countries, recognizing that it is no more dangerous than ordinary alcoholic beverages.

The partaking of absinthe is often a fun, ritual-filled event involving specially made spoons and drinking glasses, sugar cubes and cold water for preparation.  Enjoy!

Prepared in a Special Glass, With Special Spoon, Sugar Cube and Cold Water


  1. Interesting and informative post! From what I have read about absinthe, I think a teaspoon mixed with water would be similar to the now-banned paragoric that my mother used to give us. Absinthe's closest modern relative is paragoric, or so I think. Thought the absinthe would be one more item to cross off our bucket list of experiences.

    (So much for our "thrill seeking", we still have not tried the Absinthe. :~D )

  2. Well lets hope you don't plunge into a world of debauchery:)) I think at one time it was illegal. Pretty sure Hemmingway dabbled also.
    Who knows, it might unleash that best seller in you.
    Have fun.
    Arkansas Patti

  3. oh, now you're into a whole new realm, aren't you?! ha!

  4. Quick, ship some over, just what the doctor ordered.

    Have a lovely day.

  5. So, dabbling in the spirit world, or at least thinking about it, hey. Pretty green color it has, sort of like lime juice with a KICK.

  6. Never heard of it before... Looks and sounds very interesting!! And how does it taste??

  7. What an interesting post today! Have you ...ahem... dabbled in it yet?

  8. hmm...interesting ... you were presented with it? lol!

  9. Great post! loved the story behind the drink!


  10. I don't think that you can get it over here. I've heard a lot about it, but never tried it.

    Have a beautiful day, take care


  11. Is the fine print at the bottom of the bottle a warning? If not maybe there should be one! lol

  12. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder!

  13. what "nick" just said;)
    Hmmm...I think we may all have to come over for a wee try:) (You can't have that ALL to yourself!)