Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Wake-Up Call....

For the past 7 months, we have had our house on the market.  That, in itself, is an adventure.  When prospective buyers look at our home, they are always accompanied by a realtor, who usually sets up the appointment in advance.  No surprises.

Yesterday, however, was very different.  I was sitting in our den, engrossed in a crossword puzzle, when I heard something behind me out on the patio.  I turned and looked.  There was a man standing there.  This was surprising for several reasons.

First, all the homes here in Plano are enclosed by privacy fences in the back of the home.  Second, there is an unwritten rule that you don't just walk through a gate into someone's back yard without knocking.  Third, our gates are always locked---or, so I thought.

Of course, I immediately got up and confronted the man.  He was wearing one of those stuffed vests (which, it occurred to me, could have easily concealed a weapon).

Me:  What are you doing here?
Him:  (Nervous)  Uh...I saw your home was for sale.  Thought I'd look around
Me:  You have to contact our realtor to see the house
Him:  I didn't think anyone was home
Me:  You have to go through the realtor.  And let me say this to you---you don't just walk into someone's patio area---it's a great way to get shot
Him:  Well...uhh.......
Me:  How did you get in here?
Him:  I just walked through that gate
(Me thinking to myself:  That gate is supposed to remain locked)
Him:  (Completely out of the blue)  Can you tell me about your home?
Me:  (Getting very PO'd)  Sir, you'll have to call the realtor (As I ushered him out the gate.)

Yes---this was a wake-up call.  We had become complacent in locking our doors and gates.  And, with people seeing a "for sale" sign in the front yard, the home has high-visibility.

Cindy and I discussed the fact that we had become complacent in our security.  This intruder was probably just a rather shallow thinking individual who made a stupid mistake by entering a private area without knocking.

But it was our fault that the gate was not locked.  This is how bad things can happen.


  1. One way to look at it is we needed this wake up call. We are sure being more careful now!

  2. Yes, and do not open everybody who's at the door. It is danger in this time.
    Greetings Sabine

  3. A wake up call indeed, gone are the days when one could leave their doors unlocked or gates for that matter.


  4. Today it is everywhere and always include everything, it has become bad in this world ...

    Servus and so long

  5. In this world we can not trust anyone anymore!

    Ciao Clint!

  6. How scary. At least you were home, that way he (if he was up to no good) knows someone is there. You can't trust anyone these days.

  7. What a stupid intruder!!
    I am glad that nothing bad happened..
    Hugs to you,

  8. What a rude behavior.

    In Germany we say: "Der ist wohl mit dem Staubsauger durch die Kinderstube gedüst"

    "Looks like he flew with the vacuum cleaner through the nursery "

    (That means that he did'nt learned a lot during his growing up)

  9. If it would be in Romania, it was killed by now!
    ha ha ...joking!
    Very disturbing indeed!
    Please, take care!