Sunday, January 2, 2011

Most Over-Rated

 Here is a partial list of my most over-rated things.  What are some of yours?

---Singer.........................Frank Sinatra (ok, I know the ladies disagree with this one.  Ha.)
---Vegetable...................Beets  (and couscous)
---Automobile.................Anything by GM (Government Motors)
---Sports Franchise.........Dallas Cowchokes  (and New York Yankees)
---Daytime TV Personality.....Dr Phil (How's that workin' out for ya?)
---Celebrity.....................Lindsay Lohan (and Paris Hilton)
---Trite Expression.........."At the end of the day" (and "Level the playing field"   and "He's Not emotionally available"   and "I'm just sayin'     and "Goin' green")

These are a few of mine---what are a few of yours?


  1. It appears I am hearing the word "legend" and its variations often.

    Example: The Living Legend Award is being awarded to so-and-so for being a legend in his/own own time, a legend before his/her time and also is a "legendary" icon. Oh, there's another word that is overused ... icon and its variations ... just being silly here. :-D

  2. I would have to say Oprah. And I am sure I will be stoned by millions of women, but seriously. I have never seen a more ego centric, condescending person and all she does is report the same things as the Enquirer.

  3. Jane---Ha. I know. I agree. And her ratings have been in the tank the last couple of years. I read where Judge Judy now gets better ratings.

  4. what is wrong with Sinatra, "I'm just saying"

  5. Disagree, Agree, Agree, Agree, Disagree (oprah is now and always will be the MOST overrated... or maybe... Donahue,)Agree and sort of Agree (with the "going green" yuck.) :)

  6. I love Christmas as I knew it as a child and how my own knew it NOT the commercialised time of the year it now is. How many people know why we celebrate Christmas?


  7. Chuck---The ego on that guy was oppressive, and it bled thru. Just sayin'....

    Rachel---well, I knew there would be trouble with the ladies, especially, when I put Ole Blue Eyes' name up there. Ha. And when I put Dr Phil down, it was only after debating whether to list him or Oprah.

    Yvonne---I know. It's a terrible shame the way we have allowed Christmas to become cheapened so that retailers can make a buck.

  8. agreed, but beets are very good for the heart, blood, and digestion!=)

  9. Over here I would say the idea to bring the Transrapid on the Island.

    A train is ok, but they never should forget the costs and that Tenerife is a Volcano Island with earth moving.

    ...and that the island is only roundabout 80 km long and at its widest point, about 50 km wide. So why a high speed train :-((

    btw: Thanks for your good idea. I put a translation button on top of my sidebar.

    Greetings Petra

  10. Kelli---I know. Lord knows I have tried hard to like beets. But I have come to grips with the fact that it ain't gonna happen.

    Petra---Ha. Sounds like it would be a short, and expensive, train ride. Thank you for the translator button---I have been going crazy trying to understand your posts! Blessings.

  11. Thinking outside the box - I prefer to think inside the box!!!
    Too much on my plate - then get a platter...LOL

  12. Aine---you make me laugh. My daughter has "improved" on the "too much on my plate" phrase---she now says she's "got too much on my platter". Sigh.