Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner....

My dinner party is now planned.  The guests have RSVP'd.  It should be a most interesting evening.  I can't wait!

List of guests:

---Jesus Christ   Topic of conversation:  "What is Heaven like?"

Tell Us, Savior, What is Heaven Like?

---Adolf Hitler   Topic of conversation:  "Why?"
What Were You Thinking?

---George Washington    Topic of Conversation:    "Courage"
Tell Us About Courage

---William Shakespeare    Topic of Conversation:    "Your Life"
Tell Us All About Your Life and Works

---Oprah Winfrey    Topic of conversation:    "How did you become so popular?"
How Does Someone Rise to Greatness From Such Humble Beginnings?

I wonder what foods Cindy will serve?  I wonder what my guests will wear to the party?  I wonder if they will enjoy meeting and getting to know each other (with the exception of Jesus, of course, who already knows everyone).    It should be an evening for the ages.  I can't wait.

What five people would YOU invite to dinner?


  1. I would not invite Oprah because I do not have a door large enough to get her ego through. I would love to have my Father. I need to ask him "why" I am turning into him

  2. Jesus Christ, of course. The others would be Abraham Lincoln, Elvis, Edgar Allan Poe, Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra.

  3. Jane---Ha. I know. I'm no Oprah fan, and that's why I'm amazed at the attention and fauning she generates. I want insight. And...don't feel like the lone ranger if you are turning into one of your parents. Happens all the time.

  4. Cindy---great list, too.

    When I asked Cindy what she would serve for dinner, she said:

    Jesus get fresh bread and baked fish with a good white wine.

    She refuses to serve anything at all to Mr Hitler.

    George Washington get venison, wild turkey, potatoes, fresh bread and a red wine.

    Shakespeare gets a boring English dinner with a stout ale.

    Oprah gets a double scoop of mac and cheese.

  5. I would asked the following,
    Daniel O he can sing for his dinner.
    Paul Mckenna so he can give me the confidence to cook the meal.
    The Prime Minister so he could get a glimpse what the cost of living is really like.
    Elvis because I visited his house so I would return the favour.
    Lastly my late husband as it's been a long while since we ate together.


  6. Yvonne---Excellent choices! ESPECIALLY your husband. God bless.

  7. Dear Clint,
    I would like to invite my mother. She's looking from heaven at me. So she cannot visit me, but she ist in my heart.
    Many greetings Sabine

  8. Sabine---That would be the best dinner! God bless.

  9. I would like to invite the first owner and builder of my Finca. A part of it is from 1746, and it must be interesting to talk to him.

    Sunny greetings Petra

  10. Petra---I agree. That would be very interesting to hear him talk about how he built it and what things were like back then.

  11. Oh my goodness, this is awesome! I need time to compile my list! You'll have me thinking ALL DAY!! (about the food and clothes too!!!)

  12. DWD---Please do let us know who you would have for dinner and what is on the menu!

  13. OK Wait...I still didn't come up w/the menu but here's my list. I could see things getting out of control - FAST!

    Julia Child
    Anthony Bourdain - only one still living
    George Washington
    My Great Grandmom

  14. DWD---I love your list. Especially your grandmom---was she a good cook? Is cooking a family thing?