Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Morning....

Beautiful Silver Icicles Adorn Our Roof

I am up early.  The house is still and cold.  I turn up the thermostat and very quickly the heat warms my soul.  The coffee pot beckons.  I make enough strong java for Cindy and me.  She will soon be out of bed, but for now she is putting off getting up to a cold environment.

My E-Mails are answered.  Then I read the news.  By now the sun is casting a golden glow on the baby blue skies of north Texas.  I look out our den windows at the patio and pool. 
The Pool Is An Ugly, Wintry Mix Of Water, Ice and Leaves

Ice covers the pool, and I pray my pool pump will be in working condition when the thaw begins tomorrow.

Our Proud Little Snowman Endures!

Our little snowman still stands guard near our back door, his blueberry buttons having fallen off his proud breast, and his herbal smile now crooked and his poor little dyed boots now having faded and bled into his torso.  But he is so cute, and we love him.

Big icicles hang from the roof.  Patches of snow remain on the bushes and roof. 

Our Neighbor's Tree Seems to Never Run Out of Leaves, Most of Which Find Their Way Into Our Pool
The pool is an ugly mixture of water, ice and leaves  from our neighbor's tree....a tree that seemingly has an inexhaustible supply of leaves that it spews into our pool from November to February.  It certainly keeps me busy trying to clean the pool daily.

Cindy Cooks the Bacon For Our Breakfast BLTs

I smell bacon sizzling in the kitchen.  Cindy is up and has decided we will be eating BLTs for breakfast.  Sounds good to me!  God is in His heaven and all is right with the world!


  1. A great morning you/we have had, what will the afternoon bring? (I just heard a loud yawn from your office), maybe you just answered my question :-)

  2. Here it's raining cats and dogs. Save your snowman soon.
    Greetings Sabine

  3. I still can't get over that snow and ice. It looks like you might live right next door. Except for the pool. That would be a skating rink here.

  4. I like this kind of mornings!
    Quiet mornings...when the smell of coffee and bacon come from the kitchen, when is Sunday, and after that it is again Sunday...and no Mondays at all!
    Ha ha
    Be happy!

  5. Loved the photo's especially the snowman.
    It;s raining here, but as I keep reminding myself "It's A Day Nearer Spring"


  6. As we were growing up I can't recall when my Mother rose and made her way to the kitchen, however I do recall waking every Saturday and Sunday to the aroma of fried chicken, roast beef, maybe pork roast. I miss those days and my brother and sister being at home, we always sat down at the table and had our meals, each one a labor of love.

  7. i'm with cindy - the bed's too warm on these cold mornings!

    your snowbaby is adorable. hehe. thanks for sharing your morning with us!=)

  8. I just had a cup of coffee and toast with jam...but I can smell the bacon *jammy*

    Good idea to make a american breakfast on the weekend.

    Thanks for sharing and greetings from the island

  9. I know the Dallas Area can get icy and cold. Even the gulf had snow this week. Must be the Gore effect!
    I remember when my mom moved to the Houston area, her house, and most of the houses down there did not have central heat. And the humidity made the cold seem even colder than it was.
    Cold mornings brrrrr. I am pining for spring and warmer days.

  10. Sue---I grew up in Houston, so I know about the humidity. I don't know which is worse...cold humid mornings in winter or hot humid afternoons in the Houston summer.

    Yvonne---Hang On!...Spring will arrive!