Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stone Mountain---World's Largest Tombstone

Stone Mountain's Sheer North Face, With the Three Acre Carving of the Heroes of the Confederacy
Rising out of the plains of north Georgia, some 13 miles northeast of Atlanta, a huge granite monolith looms like an otherworldly reminder of the ancient power of Mother Nature.  The first time I ever saw Stone Mountain, I was blown away by its sheer mass and beauty.
Carved in Granite:  Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis Ride Again
It juts skyward, an 825 foot high quartz monzonite/granite/granodiorite wonder.  It is 5 miles in circumference. 

On the sheer north slope is a giant carving---a tribute to the heroes of the old confederacy---depicting Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis on horseback.  It is the largest carving in the world, begun by Gutzon Borglum (Mt Rushmore) in 1923.  The carving covers a 3-acre area, and looms 400 feet above the plain below.
The Walking Trail to the Top of the Mountain is 1.3 Miles Long
The top of the mountain is accessible by a western trail walking route (1.3 miles) or the skyride cable car.
The Cable Car On Its Way To The Top As It Passes the Famous Carving
When my dad passed away a few years ago, his remains were cremated.  There was a discussion among the family members as to where we thought he might want his ashes scattered.  We decided he would approve of a scattering atop this mighty tribute to nature, which was only a few miles from where he had lived.
My Dad
The family met at Stone Mountain state park one windy morning, and took the skyride to the top.  We gathered above the carving; and, as we overlooked the expansive Georgia countryside, I tossed his remains to the breeze.  The wind was quite strong that day, and the dust blew his ashes all over the top of the monolith. 

The Top Of "The Rock" Offers Spectacular Views
 Now, whenever I see Stone Mountain on my trips back to Georgia, I think of my dad.  He exists as part of our air and water and soil.  What a wonderful tombstone!


  1. WOW!!!! I would LOVE to see that. Especially from the top.

    Sweet story about your dad. :)

  2. Rebecca---Yeah, it's pretty spectacular. During the summer months, a special laser light and fireworks show is conducted just after sundown at the base of the mountain. The lasers dance along the carving as music is played. Crowds gather on the big lawn to watch the show. People bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit on while they watch the show. Many people bring picnic dinners.

  3. What a wonderful resting place.

  4. A few tears escaped reading this, what a lovely place for your father to be part of. The pictures are awesome.Thanks for sharing this.


  5. I remember the wind blew that day and my mouth was open...that's all I'm saying.

  6. Very interesting story and another beautiful carving of Gutzon Borglum. I've never heared of it before, and for sure it is a beautiful place for your dad's resting, too.

    Bless you

  7. Jane---Yes, pretty darn unique. There were a few other people standing around that day watching us and wondering what we were doing. I don't think anyone else ever figured it out.

    Yvonne---I can scarcely look at a picture of my dad and not feel the tears well up.

    Skully---I know---I got a big snootfull, too.

    Nova---Thank you, and God bless.

  8. I've lived in Georgia for almost 2 years and still haven't been there. I'll have to make it a point to visit it now.

  9. Greg---Google "Stone Mountain Park" before you go to get info on entry fees, etc.

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