Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday's Trials....

My day started innocently enough.  Got up early, felt the life-giving warmth of strong coffee seep into my veins, answered E-Mails and began to make plans.  Our home is for sale, and the realtor said she would be there with a potential buyer around 9:30. 

Breakfast at Waffle House Features Good, Inexpensive Fast Food and a Free Floor Show
So Cindy and I clean the house, and at 9:30 we drive off to eat breakfast.  We debate where to eat.  She wants Mexican.  I don't care where we eat, but Mexican restaurants cost more than we want to spend.  We compromise on a Waffle House.  I like Waffle Houses (see my bog entry from July 30, 2010) because the food is decent, the price right, and the atmosphere is busy and teeming with eclectic personalities.  One woman came in and I swear her fingernails were 4" long, and curling under her fingers.  The patrons who saw her gawked.  Including me.

I Almost Always Get the Patty Melt With Hash Browns Scattered, Smothered and Covered

We are fortunate to get a booth in the crowded eatery.  I had the patty melt and Cindy had a cheeseburger.  We both got the large order of hash browns, scattered, smothered and covered.  Uh Huh.  Oh, yes.
I used to get my underwear from the Big Department Stores and I had "Calvin Klein" Written on Them.  Nowadays, I Get Them From Dollar General and Have "Hanes" Written on Them.  Ha.

Then we go to the Dollar General store where I buy some cheap but functional underwear.  I got the colored ones because I think Cindy likes colors, and most of my existing undies are a boring white.  Then we went to the supermarket to get mushrooms to go with the steak dinner we have planned for the evening.  Then Home.
I'll Show You My Underwear, But You Don't Have to Show Me Yours

Up until now, the day has been pleasant.  But when we walk in the house we see that the realtor and her client have tracked mud on our carpet.  This does not make us happy, and is the first sign that our daily fortunes may be turning.

Because The Author of This Blog Forgot to Keep the Pump Turned On During the Recent Freeze, We Now Have A Large Repair Bill
I walk outside to turn on the pool pump and see that the pump has a cracked dome.  Why did it crack?  Because someone (me) forgot to turn the pump on when we had a freeze two days ago.  This is gonna cost a lot of money.  Now, the day has officially been declared a disaster.

We had steaks with twice-baked potatoes and sauteed mushrooms for din-din.  It was a wonderful meal.  But the crowning blow to a deteriorating day was the playoff elimination of my Atlanta Falcons.  They didn't just lose, they found a way to be embarrassed.  I went to bed with the thought that tomorrow has got to be a better day.  Sigh......


  1. Since we are such a part of each other's life, I had the exact same day as you, almost. There were some aggravations yesterday but ours pale in comparison to what some others are experiencing.

  2. Oh what a desaster with the pump. But all in one a nice day.
    Many greetings Sabine

  3. my john has the same colored skivvies! ha!=)

  4. That's right, the Packers laid the SMACKDOWN! It's been a long time since we've been to the Super Bowl, maybe this year will herald our return!

    Oh, and do we really need to see your underwear?

  5. Sabine---Greetings to you!

    Kelli---Your John certainly has good taste! Ha.

    Greg---I have never liked the Packers, going back to the early 1960s---until the last couple of years. I think Aaron Rodgers is sensational. I'd love to see them go all the way, but me rooting for them is probably the kiss of death.

  6. I know how you feel many years ago when my husband was alive he worked night shifts and came to the hospital to pick up kyself and daughter who was having knee treatment. On returning home found most of the ceilings down, water pouring everywhere , the dog and cat ran out quickly and it took hours to find them. we had a burst pipe in the attic boiler just a small one. we stayed with friends but we were alive and if we had been home someone may have been injured or worse. It took 6 weeks to complete the damage but we had a home, many haven't.


  7. Yvonne---I was just venting. I don't have anything but thanks to God for all He has given me. It's all good.

  8. Sounds first like a good sunday, but at the end.....

    I know the costs, because last year first I had to buy a new filter system and than a new pump :-((

    Cause of the dirt in the house...may be it would be better you buy such "plastic bags" for shoes and inform the realtor that he and the clients have to use them before going around your place. ;-)

    Have a beautiful day and take care.


  9. sorry to hear about the money you have to spend on your pump. But thank God that you are still able to enjoy your meals with your loved one. :)I wonder how does the woman with the 4" nails eat? how does she hold her food? :) Have a great week ahead Clint. God bless.