Friday, January 14, 2011

The Plano Sewing Center!

The Plano Sewing Center in Plano, Texas is a Remarkable Store

Perfect Timing, Clint!  The staff is interrupted by me at lunch time.  From L---R  Larry, Service Tech; Darrel, Service Manager; Sandy, Sales; Judy, Sales; and Rickey, Owner.  Very Friendly Folks.
There is a remarkable business located at 2070 West Spring Creek in Plano, Texas.  It is called "The Plano Sewing Center".  I thought I would pay them a visit today to share with you the fantastic products they sell and to introduct to you their pleasant, knowledgeable staff and modern facility.
Two Views of the Sales Floor, Featuring Two Dozen Models of the High-Performance Baby Lock Sewing Machines

This store and repair center was a wonder to me---I know next to nothing about sewing---and I found the equipment they offer to be fascinating in the capabilities of the different models.

When I arrived, my timing was terrible!  The staff had just sat down to lunch.  But, ever resourceful, I looked around and took some notes until they were finished.  I also got a couple of group shots as they enjoyed their mid-day repast.

My friend Darrel is the Service Manager there.  He and Larry, the Service Tech, man the repair center.
The Baby Lock Enterprise 10-Needle Embroidering Machine ($15,000)
The showroom is impressive.  The company specializes in the Baby Lock brand---a very high quality manufacturer that cranks out over two dozen models of domestic sewing machines.  These models range in price from $399 for the Baby Lock Grace model to $15,000 for the mighty Enterprise 10-Needle Embroidery machine.

The Baby Lock 6-Needle Professional Plus Model ($7,000)

The Very Popular Baby Lock Grace Electronic Model ($399)

There is a Large Assortment of DVDs That Can Create Preprogrammed Embroidery Designs Such as This One Below
The Sewing Center also carries a broad line of DVDs that can preprogram embroidery designs, as well as a huge inventory of various threads and sewing notions.
Thread, Thread, Thread
And More Thread, Thread, Thread

The repair center is a busy place, as well.  Darrel and Larry have a backlog of scheduled repairs.  They repair all makes and models of domestic sewing equipment.

The Repair Station Repairs All Domestic Types of Sewing Machines
The Repair Center is Well-Equipped To Handle Any Repairs
Call the Plano Sewing Center any time to ask about their equipment or repair capabilities.  As one staff member told me, "If we don't know the answer to a sewing question, no one does".

Larry Repairs an Old Singer Model

The Plano Sewing Center
2070 W. Spring Creek Rd
Plano, TX  75023
Tel:  972-527-7400


  1. What a great blog! I am in awe of anyone who can sew. I am even more in awe of anyone who knows how to repair machines such as the ones described here!

  2. Clint it is very cruel of you to show such a great store that will take me at least a two day drive to get to. I better get packed and on my way. Tell them don't sell anything until I get there :)

  3. a very interesting Post. Have a good weekend.
    Greetings Sabine

  4. very nice place! i'd love to learn how to use the old sewing machine that was handed down to me.

  5. I see that snow is still on the ground. This is a great post. I love the friendly people in certain areas in Texas. They seem to have time for others. No 30 second rule there, or worse the rudeness of being ignored altogether.

  6. Jane---I thought about you and your new hobby of sewing when I saw these machines.

    Kelli---My mom used to sew---she had an old Singer. Sewing is one of those thigs that looks easy but ain't.

    Sue---I know what you mean about rude. It is rampant. It's so nice to meet people who know how to be nice!