Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hi Mr. Snowman---You Sure Are Cute!

Mr Snowman!---What a wonderful little smile You Have
On Sunday, our area of north Texas was blanketed with 3" of fluffy snow.  It created a beautiful scene.  Yesterday, I was working in my home office when I began hearing Cindy laughing, laughing, laughing.  Of course, I investigated.
I Love You, Mr Snowman!
She was in the kitchen, constructing an 11" high snowman.  She had collected snow from our patio, made the body in the kitchen and stored the little snowballs in the freezer as she worked to put it all together.  My, my---she was having the time of her life!

The Definition of "Cute"
Today, with temps in the twenties, her little snowman sits on our patio, wistfully looking inside our den.  He sure is cute.  I'm going to be sad when he melts away.  I will miss him, and the laughter he brought to our home.
He Looks 5' Tall---But is Only 11"

Mulling Spice Balls=Eyes
Dried Orange Peel=Nose and Smile
Construction Paper and Magic Marker=Top Hat
Twigs From Dead Potted Plant=Arms
Dyed Snow=Boots
Red Food Coloring=Rosy Cheeks

See Cindy's blog here:    http://cindyellison.blogspot.com/


  1. What a cute snowman, I like snow if I have not got to go out. Our weather has warmed up even the sun shinning. Hope the weather will be ok when I fly to Nashville next month.

    Loved the pics of your snowman got a name for him?

  2. Very very cute! But is snow a normal thing for you? Boy no one is safe this week. We are all getting hit hard.

  3. Yvonne---I am afraid to name the little bugger because I will be even sadder when he melts away. Are you going to Nashville for vacation?

    Jane---North Texas is known for its sudden and violent weather. We usually get three or four snowfalls a year, but we are coming up on tornado season---March, April & May. Also, our sudden and unforecastable ice storms here are the stuff of legend. If you get causght on the highway, you are toast.

  4. What a lovely snowman!
    Greetings Sabine

  5. What a cute little buddy and too bad that he will melt away.

    Bless you and sunny greetings

  6. Sabine and Petra---If only the cold weather continues he will be with us a while longer...

  7. cutest snowman I have ever seen! She is so good!

  8. That has got to be the cutest snowman I have EVER seen. And he must smell incredible!

    Our snowmen are much larger, but they stick around longer and get browner unless we get new snow.