Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stuff My Dad Said

Dad and His Sister, Wynne, 1940s
At the cocktail hour yesterday evening, Cindy and I were talking about things our dads would say when we were growing up.  Some of them were pretty funny.  And a lot of the things my dad would say were sarcastic in a humorous way.
My Mom and Dad, Circa 1942

If dad was in a restaurant and they brought him a very small portion, he would sarcastically mutter, "I hope that doesn't run 'em short!"

If dad wanted me to do something---a chore, perhaps---he would say, "Stop sittin' there like a bump on a log!"

When dad was driving the car and he came to a red stoplight, and the car in front of him didn't move forward quickly after the light changed, he would yell at the driver, "IT AIN'T GONNA GET ANY GREENER!"
Circa 1955....L--R  My Brother David, Dad, Mom and Me
If dad thought someone wasn't very bright, he would often exclaim, "He's not smart enough to pour sand out of a boot with directions on the heel."

Whenever dad heard someone exclaim of the weather,"It feels good out today", dad would retort, "It feels so good out, I think I'll leave it out."

When someone would ask dad if he had been to church, he would often say, "I didn't go to church this week because I haven't sinned lately."

When dad would come into my bedroom in the morning to get me out of bed, he would yell, "LEMME HEAR THE SOUND OF FEET HITTIN' THE FLOOR!"

When we were all sitting at the dinner table, and dad wanted someone to pass him the butter, he would say, "Please pass the salve."

When someone would continually talk about the medications they were taking or how they never felt well, dad would comment under his breath, "He enjoys poor health."

 I miss him.


  1. It was good to laugh this morning and it was all because of this funny post! I bet your mom and brother could add some expressions to this list!

  2. I know how you feel Clint, I miss my Dad too. As long as your still thinking of him, he is still with you.

  3. this is so sweet.=)

    great photos. thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great post. Your dad sounds like a character, in a good way.

  5. I miss my dad for a long time, he died when I was 13....and I am always thinking about him.

  6. "He's not smart enough to pour sand out of a boot with directions on the heel."

    THAT is pure genius! Your dad was awesome!

  7. I know you do miss him Clint.

    While I am lucky enough to still have my dad here, he is ill and when that happens it makes you really hold these things dear to your heart. My father is sort of a glass 1/2 empty kind of guy but I think he would call it "a realist" LOL! Dad is the smartest most talented man I know. One of his classics, "I hate to say it, but you are not going to grow up to be whatever you want to be. For example, by the looks of these math scores you're not going to work for NASA!" :)

    Also, "pronounce you -ing's" and "It's YES not YEAH..." I love him.

    Thanks fot the post Clint :)

  8. What great memories! Sounds like your Dad had a good impact on you. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I say the exact same thing: Ain't gonna get any greener!!