Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ringin' For Salvation Army!

Cindy Rings Her Bells For Charity
Cindy and I worked at Fry's Electronics in Plano, Texas today, ringin' the bells for the venerable Salvation Army, collecting money to be used to help feed the less fortunate.

Fry's Electronic Superstore in Plano, Texas Helps the Salvation Army Collect Money for the Needy
Fry's Electronics is an electronic superstore, and draws thousands of customers a day.  These huge crowds give generously to the Salvation Army collection volunteers.

The High Winds Made It Much More Uncomfortable
Today, it was 58 degrees, with 35 mile per hour winds.  Brrrr.  Colder than it sounds because of the high breeze.

Me, Ringin' My Heart Out!
Many folks dropped money in our collection buckets.  Children, senior citizens, young adults---everyone wanted to contribute to a good cause at Christmas time.

Me and Cindy Pose as Mr and Mrs Santa Through the Window
Our local Salvation Army collections leaders, John and Barb Jolly, do a fantastic job coordinating our collection effort.  The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian organization that raises money for the needy.


  1. Yes, we had a good day indeed, we love seeing the very good and generous side of human nature. The Salvation Army helps and gives hope to those in need all around the world!

    We are so blessed to know people like John and Barb Jolly!

  2. I like this Blog. Thanks Clint & Cindy. It will be cold tonight on our usual 6-8 PM Shift. John Jolly

  3. We love you guys so much, John. God bless...

  4. Great Stuff Guys!!!
    Glad you have the real Christmas spirit happening :O)

  5. Hello!
    Glad to see you again!
    Please have a wonderful day!

  6. Have a nice Christmastime Clint and Cindy.
    Many greettings Sabine

  7. Clint, God bless you and your wife. In my opinion The Salvation Army is one of the best charitable groups on the planet! Keep on ringing those bells! :-)


  8. Really love this! Another one of your posts that makes me happy :) 100% for sure - the next time I see The Salvation Army - I will give! (I usually do this time of year but now I feel even more connected!)

  9. That's wonderful! And I was shocked to see you guys without your thick winter coats! And then I remembered, "Oh yeah, they're in Texas..."

    I wonder how the donations are in New York State, overall. I don't see a lot of people dropping money where the pots are at Walmart and such.

    I try to support the SA where I can. As a young student, I stayed at a SA hostel for women in Manhattan. It was a wonderful place, a safe place for a young lady to stay in the city. I always appreciated that opportunity.