Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas Visit

Dave and Jan's Home is Tucked Away in the Woods

The Back Porch is Rustic and Cozy
On Wednesday, December 22, Cindy and I departed our residence at 9:00 AM and headed northeast on I-30.  Destination: the friendly burg of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  It is a leisurely 5-hour drive through north Texas and south-central Arkansas.  We stopped a few times for gas and food and occasionally just to stretch our legs on the way.  We turned the usual 5-hour excursion into a 6 1/2 hour affair.
Jan's Kitchen is Beautiful and Busy
Our destination was my brother's home in Hot Springs.  We were anxiously looking forward to seeing brother David, his lovely wife, Jan, and my octogenarian mom, who was visiting from Georgia for the holidays.
Brother Dave---The Perfect Picture of A Gracious Host
Jan in Her Kitchen
We arrived at 3:30.  Their wonderful home is tucked away in the woods, and offered us a perfect escape for a joyous reunion.
Cindy and Jan
My Mom and Cindy
Jan is one of the premiere homemakers in the world, and her home was perfectly decorated and made for comfort.
Our Dinner Ham...Oh Yeah, Babe....
Her busy kitchen was humming.  My mom was holding court in the den.  David was listening to mom and at the same time doing chores for Jan.  Ha.  I guess all that time he spent in the Air Force as a colonel prepared him for the job of listening to two people speak to him at once.
Mom Gets Ready to Chow Down
The cocktail hour arrived and our reunion began in earnest.  Jan served a dinner of delicious ham, roasted vegetables (onion, sweet potatoes and white potatoes), steamed broccoli, ambrosia, and rolls. Dessert was vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge sauce and hot peppermint stick and whipped cream.  What a wonderful dinner!
L-R  Dave, Jan. Mom and Me
After dinner, we had a chance to continue our discussion and catch up on family matters.  Upon retiring for the evening, we slept like the dead.
Jan, Mom and Colonel Dave (Ret)
The following morning, Jan's breakfast consisted of crustless quiche (green chili peppers and cheese), bacon, sausage, raisin bread, juice and java.  Ahhhhhh......the woman can cook.
Cindy and Me
We departed at 11:00, enriched by the fellowship and fortified with Jan's culinary delights.  The return trip to our north Texas home was made fun as Cindy and I discussed our wonderful visit.


  1. What a nice family visit and a wonderful dinner.
    Many greetings Sabine

  2. We sure had a wonderful visit. It was so sweet of your mom to say her best Christmas gift was seeing us. We feel the same way about seeing them. We always have some good laughs, too! Thanks and hugs to you all! We love you!

  3. Good Morning Clint

    It looks like you and your family had a Wonderful Christmas celebration.

    Happy New Year from (rainy) Southern California.

    God Bless You, ~Ron :-)

  4. I must have that Kitchen. It is beautiful.

  5. Sabine---Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas weekend!

    Old Geezer (Ron)---Hope you are braving the elements and experiencing a great Chrtistmas!

    Jane---Ha. It really is beautiful. Hope you are able to take some time off for a change. Maybe not, with all that weather up there. God bless.

  6. Oh what a wonderful way to spend Christmas. You are truely Blessed!

  7. A great family gathering and such wonderful photo's .Pleased a good time was had by all.


  8. gloW and Yvonne---I hope you both had a wonderful Christmas! God bless.