Friday, December 3, 2010

My Dog...

                               My Dog

Waggletail!  Licky-lick!  Jump up, my Rover!
I love you!  I love you!  Sweet little nipper!
Sit for me!  Shake my hand!  Now roll on over!
Whine a bit!  Beg a bit!  Bring me my slipper!

Lie you down next to me;  Make me all cozy!
Curl up and close your eyes; Drift off and slumber!
Get warm and snuggle up!  Dream dreams so rosy!
Trust in me!  Loyalty!  No cares encumber!

Wolf your food!  Lick the bowl!  Lap up your water!
Fetch the ball!  Chase your tail!  After the squirrel!
Growl at it!  Bark a bit!  It's what a dog oughter
Do....Play with me!  'Round the tree---Give me a whirl!

Take a walk!  By my heel!  Don't go to the potty
On the street!  Please be neat!  Gnaw on your bone!
Scratch the floor by the door---"No, no---that's naughty!"
Yes, my pet....Love you yet!  Won't leave you alone.

Chase the cat!  Where's she at?  Beware of her paw-paw!
Jump and run!  Have more fun!  After the frisbee!
Come and eat at my feet....Here's a dog-bone treat!
Love you so!  Do you know what you mean to me?

(C) 2000 Clint Ellison


  1. You know how I always loved this poem about sweet Ellie.

  2. I love German shepherds! So intelligent.

  3. Good Doggie!!!!! Love the poem :) Made me smile

  4. Thanks to you all for commenting. Check out my blog post for September 16.

  5. What lovely verses for your dog.
    Many greetings Sabine

  6. I miss MISS ELLIE! Best dog we ever had! Remember Bassie? (LOL) You gonna write about Bassie? ha!

  7. Say greetings to him from my two dogs Jessika and Rocky!
    ...and for you, best regards!

  8. Great looking dog you have there.

    Its been my experiance that dogs do more of what I ask of them than my wife...I wonder if I'm alone in this???

  9. covnitkepr1---Ha. I love my wife dearly, but no, my friend---you are not alone. :)