Thursday, December 9, 2010


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While going through some old family papers, I chanced upon a baptismal record of a long-gone relative.  As you can see in the photograph, Gerard Niggemyer was baptized in the Catholic Church in Ft Madison, Iowa in 1861.  He was two days old at the time of baptism.

Jesus was Baptized By John the Baptist Around the Age of 30
This got me to thinking.  The word "baptism" comes to us from the Greek "baptismo", which means "immersing" or "ritual washing" and is a sacrament and ordinance of Jesus Christ.  Jesus himself was baptized, apparently around the age of 30 years, by John the Baptist.


---If baptism is the act of a true believer, how is it possible that a very young child who does not comprehend can receive true baptism?
Christening of a Baby
---If a baby is baptized (christened), is it desirable or even necessary to be re-baptized later in life when the individual has come to understand the true and full meaning of the act?

Full Immersion
---Is it important to be fully immersed when baptized, or can one be sprinkled and receive the full cleansing?

I would love to have your thoughts on this topic.


  1. My daughter was baptized when she was ten years old by sprinkling in a Methodist church. At age 39, she was re-baptized in a Baptist church by immersion. She says the immersion is much more meaningful to her.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my doggie blog. It was good to see you and I'm intrigued by your blog topic. I am a Lutheran who believes in baptizing children. We believe this premise because the scripture talks about whole families, (bring your household i.e. servants and children) to be baptized. I don't believe that full immersion is entirely necessary, although I love the idea of it... especially going to the creek or the river like so many of my ancestors have done. Basically I believe that it is not the actual water or the actual immersion or the actual act that cleanses and makes new. It is the Holy Spirit working in it that makes you new. The Holy Spirit that was released when Jesus was resurrected... which is what baptism symbolizes, (it was, and is, a very tangible act that Christ gave us so we might better understand what he was about to go through...?) Interesting topic of discussion, especially when we agree that Jesus is our beloved Savior!

  3. Thank you for sharing with us. As important as water babtism is to a believer it has no affect on our salvation. As a believer in our Lord Jesus we want to follow His example and be baptised. Blessings to you my friend. Lloyd

  4. Thank you, Rachel. I agree with everything you say. And I also love your blog. God bless.

  5. Thank, Lloyd! I agree. God bless you.

  6. I was raised Lutheran and thereby, baptized as an infant. Much later in life after having formed a very personal relationship with Jesus, I chose to be baptized. I do not believe that God would forsake any child because he/she was not baptized as an infant. Nor an adult. I believe we are saved based on what is in our hearts and that means Jesus. Very nice post!