Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jingle Bells

Here is song # 2 in our countdown to Christmas....

Also known as "One Horse Open Sleigh", Jingle Bells is one of the best known secular songs in the world.  It was written by Lord Pierpont (1822---1893) and copyrighted under the title "One Horse Open Sleigh" in 1857.

The song depicts youthful exuberance.  Many parodies of the song have been sung. Examples:

Jingle bells
Batman smells
PS---so does May
I'd push May right off the sleigh
And quickly drive away.


Jingle Bells
Shotgun shells
Rabbits all the way
Oh what fun to shoot my gun
With dinner as my pay.


Shingle nails
Shingle nails
Hammers tacks and screws
Oh what fun it is to ride
In Hitler's stinking shoes.

But, somehow, the original is so much better than the parodies!

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bob-tails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.


  1. One just can't help but feel lifted when singing or hearing "Jingle Bells"!

  2. Dear Clint,
    the original song is the best, indead.
    Greetings Sabine

  3. I have never heard those other verses, lol. Hm.

    I agree, the original is best. Oh what FUN it is to heartily sing "Bells on bobtails ring" outside in the snow drifts! It just makes winter seem nicer. :)

  4. My vote goes to the original. I don't think the others can stand the test of time :-)


  5. Definitely the original version!Belongs to the world!


  6. These are total JEOPARDY trivia posts!!! Never knew it was also known as "One Horse Open Sleigh" but now...I do :)

  7. Thank you for all these information's..