Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lookin' The Beans.............

Place The Beans On A White Background And Use A Knife To Sort Thru Them.  This Is How To Look The Beans
Yesterday, Cindy and I were talking about what to have for dinner.  She suggested a roast with potatoes and beans.  I said that sounded good.  Then, she dropped a phrase on me I have never heard in my life.  She said, "If you will peel the potatoes, I'll look the beans".

I let that sink in for a few seconds, and then said, "Say what?"

I had never before heard the phrase "lookin' the beans" and didn't have a clue as to what it meant.  In turn, she was astounded that I had never heard that terminology.  We began to discuss it.

It seems when one buys a bag of beans, there are other things besides beans in that bag---usually small pebbles, or dirt that must be removed before cooking.  Also, she explained, there are some beans that are "bad" that should also be removed prior to cooking.
These Are The Bad Beans And Dirt And Pebbles Removed After "Lookin'"
"Lookin' the beans" is accomplished by taking a handful of beans from the bag at a time and placing them on a white paper plate.  The white plate makes it easy to see the impurities.  With a knife, the beans are sorted as the "looker" examines them (much like a pharmacist counting pills).  The pebbles and "bad" beans are removed, and then the process is repeated until the entire bag of beans has been "looked".

I tried to do some research on this phrase, and it turns out that it is commonly used in the southern United States---mostly in the Appalachian region (Cindy grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee).

Cindy also explained to me that not only beans need to be looked before cooking, but also leaf lettuce that is going to be prepared as "kilt" lettuce (that is a different blog for another day) and greens. 

So, before you cook dried beans or greens or leaf lettuce, be sure you "look them" first!


  1. gorgeous!
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  2. Wow Clint, your Cindy is a very careful wife. Good to know this, jo.
    Thank you for your comment to my "Musicpost". I'm very happy that so many people like my song.
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  3. You did not have beans often like we did in Tennessee, similar to me not growing up with avocados like you did in Houston.

  4. And I always thought beans only came in a cans. :-)

  5. Ha ha, very interesting information!
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