Monday, December 6, 2010

Avocadoes=Guacamole=Manna From Heaven

Your Basic Ingredients
When my mom introduced me to the fruit of the avocado plant, I was quite young.  But even at that tender age I realized that this was something very, very good.  It has turned into a lifetime love affair.

Toss the Pits
You can eat them sliced in salads, chunked on tacos or in sandwiches, or as a dip in guacamole.  Today, my peeps, we shall discuss my simple, yet quite addictive recipe for guacamole.  You can eat it as a dip, or as a salad dressing.

Quarter and Remove the Skin
I start out with six good-sized avocadoes.  You want them to be firm but with some squeeze-ability.  If they are too hard, you'll have to put them aside a day or two until the texture is squeezable.  If they are too soft, don't buy them because they are over-ripe.

Place the Meat in a Mixing Bowl
You need a cutting board, sharp knife, grater, masher, large spoon, lemons, large onion, pepper mill, mayonnaise and large mixing bowl.

The Meat of Six Avocadoes in Mixing Bowl
Add One Large Spoonful of Mayo
Quarter each avocado.  Toss the pits.  Remove skin. Place the fruit in the bowl.  Add one large spoonful of mayo.  Rookies make the mistake of putting in too much mayo.  Don't be a rookie.  Grate the large onion and add that to the hopper, along with the juice from one large lemon and pepper to taste. 

Grate a Large Onion
At this point, your taste buds will be tingly in anticipation of the wondrous treat that awaits you.

Mash this concoction together, making sure there are no lumps.
Avocado Quarters, Grated Onion, Lemon Juice and Mayo all Together
Stir thoroughly.  When this is completely mixed, lick the spoon.  If it needs more lemon or pepper or onion, add and re-lick.

Mash Thoroughly Until Creamy
Now, my friends, you have an ample supply of one of God's wonders.  If He made anything better, He kept it for Himself.

Add Pepper to Taste
I like to dip it with corn chips.  Cindy and I love it as a salad dressing.  Enjoy.

The Finished Product

PS---This is a basic recipe.  Other ingredients such as cilantro, chunked tomatoes, etc can be added according to one's preference.


  1. Delicious guacamole! I enjoyed it last night in my salad and this morning with corn chips!

    Thanks for makin' it!

    Many Greetings Sabine

  3. I love avocados. If I lived in the south I would plant an orchard of them. Here they are a special treat.

  4. Clint. I have a confession.

    I have never

    never ever

    tried an avacado.

    And I can't say I'm too motivated. They look... yukky.

    But your glowing praise is causing me to rethink my hesitation. Maybe someday, just SOMEDAY, I will try one.

  5. Rebecca---When I was growing up, my mom had one rule at the dinner table: I had to at least TRY whatever she served. If I didn't like it, I didn't have to eat it. If she had not had that one little rule, I would strictly be a meat and potatoes guy.

    We must make sure you try some guacamole. You can order it next time you go to a Mexican restaurant. Eat it as a dip with the chips they serve. Please do not live this life without having tried this. Whatever will you tell St Peter when you get to the Pearly Gates? :)

  6. Oh boy,
    avocadoes are so heavy for my taste..
    I can eat small pieces only in a salad.

    Hugs from

  7. Ohhhh You make my HUNGRY!!!
    Yum Yum!!!!
    I Love Avocados!
    They go great with chicken!
    One of our family faves is Chicken, Avocado, Mayo and Salt and Vinegar Chip sandwiches! You Gotta try it someday!
    Gotta have a go at Guacamole, alas, I do believe I have deprived my kids of the real thing
    Thanks Clint
    Love ya Blog

  8. Oh yeah, Clint, how r your eyes??? I grated onion last night for tea and I cried and cried!!!

  9. Kaz---I do get teary-eyed while grating the onion, but we all have to suffer in this world!

    I will try your special sandwich. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I don't know if you know this but I LOVE the avocado more than anything in the whole wide world. (Well that's going too far but still...) LOVE!

    This one here looks perfectly ripe and ready to go! Very nice step by step and recipe! YUM!

  11. DW & D---I was pretty sure that a culinary artisan such as yourself would be quite familiar with the charms of this fruit. It is sinful, but God understands.