Monday, December 13, 2010

Love Bugs, Public Enemy # 1

Love Bugs (Plecia Nearctica), Coupled in Mating
Last year, in the merry merry month of May, Cindy and I were driving through east Louisiana, headed home after a wonderful weekend in New Orleans.  Somewhere around Alexandria, large, expansive dark clouds enveloped the interstate.  It was the Love Bug, AKA Honeymoon Fly and Kissing Bug, fully involved in its cyclical mating display.

Cindy had never seen or heard of this spectacle before, and when I explained to her that this particular species of fly mates in late spring and summer, the mating is accomplished by their bodies fusing together for several days as they fly around....well, it sounded so preposterous that she didn't believe me.  Ha. 

Radiators And Internal Passages Can Become Clogged
These swarms contain millions of flies, and when the motorist enters a cloud of them, they make a total mess of the automobile.  Their bodies are acidic, and after a few hours of being splattered on the car, the paint and chrome will pit.  Radiator passages are easily clogged.

Love Bugs in Swarm
The residue of these pests is awfully difficult to remove after drying.  The bugs have been known to cause accidents because the driver cannot see after hundreds of the critters have impacted the windshield.

Vehicles Can Be Completely Blasted
Cindy and I got out of our car to examine these bugs up close.  Their mating is interesting and unique, indeed.  The bugs are harmless---they do not bite or sting, but they can ruin an automobile.  These bugs are native to the areas lining the southern Gulf coast, from Texas to Florida.

Drivers Can Be Blinded By the Swarm
It took considerable effort from two men at the car wash to remove the bugs when we got home.  A special cleaning agent and lots of elbow grease were required to restore the finish.

Once The Bugs Dry On The Car, They Are Extremely Difficult To Remove


  1. Yuck! That would be just awful to drive through. I could see how that would be very dangerous.

  2. I was once stationed in the panhandle of FL. I have been there!

  3. Please, no, don't!!
    Let them mate somewhere else!!

  4. That was interesting and educational. Yes, and a bit yucky. Thanks so much, Clint, for visiting my blog and being so kind with your words. I don't visit my blog friends like I should, but today I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your love for the Lord and your encouragement to me. God bless, Bobbi

  5. OH MY WORD.

    That is terrible! Disgusting! And outright amazing.

    But the price they pay for love, sheesh!