Monday, December 27, 2010

My Life....

Our Home Has Been On The Market 7 Months
God has a sense of humor, and He knows exactly what He is doing in our individual lives.   Unfortunately for us mortal humanoids, we are often on the receiving end of His humor and don't have a clue as to His level of enjoyment as He observes our reactions to His challenges.

You take today, for example.  I mean, here we are, two days after Christmas, in the heart of the holiday season, with New Year's Day fast approaching, and what does He do?  He decides that He will blast our lives with a flurry of prospective home buyers as we try to enjoy our holidays.

Our home has been on the market for 7 months.  We have had lots of "showings", and several customers have been back to see the home a second time.  It is quite a chore keeping one's home in pristeen condition and appearance day in and day out, but I thought (stupid me) that the last two weeks of the year would be void of people out looking at homes.

But today---two days after Christmas, we have had three calls from realtors wanting to show the home.  Now, you gotta understand we still have wrapping paper, dirty dishes, presents, etc scattered around from Christmas.  So, we hop to it and scour the home in record time to accommodate the first realtor---then, she cancels.  Ha ha.

Then, the second realtor shows up and we leave via the back door as they enter through the front.  They stay 4 minutes.  We come back home and the third realtor arrives.  They come to the front door, look in through the window, and leave without even seeing the interior.  You can't make this stuff up. 

Of course, I am not happy.  Cindy, being the voice of reason and the moderating influence in my life (thank God), calms me down and reminds me to focus on Him and not these worldly cares.

So---I got to thinkin', as I often do, about God and His lessons for us as He presents us with challenges.  I figure He does these things to make us try to improve our attitudes---in my case, He wants me to be more patient and understanding.  If I can improve in those areas, I just know He will bring us a buyer.  In the meantime, He is getting a few heavenly laughs.


  1. Well, think of it this way. At least you are getting traffic through the house. I have friends who have not had any interest in Months. You never know when the right one will show up.

  2. It's good to read this blog past had a happy ending, that you are aware of God's sense of humor. :-)

    May I add something to what you wrote: We received a call that one of the realtors had cancelled. We were so confused about the times, realtors' names, etc. We thought we were safe to come back home with no more showings. I said, "This calls for chocolate". We each had a little chocolate pie and ice cream, enjoying it in peace when you guessed it ... a realtor with clients is coming through the front door!

    We quickly escaped out the back door! Whew!

    (Wonder what the cable workers in our alley think about that nutty couple who keeps taking off in a hurry and returning minutes later?) :-D

  3. our creator sure does have a sense of humor... while i was typing my comment about earthly challenges getting the best of us at times, my computer crashed! but i stayed calm, rebooted, and all is well now.=)

  4. Dad...let me know if you ever become patient and understanding...that will mean there is hope for me.

  5. Jane---You are correctomundo. Thanks for putting this in perspective!

    Cindy---life with you is INTERESTING!

    Kelli---Thank goodness you still have a working computer. God bless.

    Skully---I am pretty understanding. The patience thingy needs a lot more work. :)

  6. Maybe God wont's your house all for himself?
    This is for you a bad joke (I understand you from
    your post's).

    Thank you my dear friend from Texas being with
    your comments next to me..
    Wishing a very good New Year.


  7. Monika---I love you! God bless you.

  8. A bit behind with my comments:
    I loved the read, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Take care of ypu're in the bad weather.

  9. Don't worry Clint. It will be god. You will see.
    Many Greetings Sabine

  10. Well your home is beautiful! Thank goodness for Cindy keeping you grounded, you two were made for each other. God brought you two he will find you a buyer for sure!