Monday, October 25, 2010

What a Weekend!

Man, it's been a helluva weekend.  It all started on Saturday at noon.  I walked into where Cindy was working at her computer, and saw that she was crying.  Alarmed, I asked what was wrong.

She said she thought her computer had got a virus.  She couldn't use it at all.  A box kept popping up with the message "Security Tool!---Your Computer Has Been Infected!"  The computer would not work at all.  The message advised her to click on the box which said "DISINFECT".   Well, I knew that was the last thing to do.  After playing around with it unsuccessfully for a while, we had to take the computer to the doctor.

We get to the repair shop and I was pretty turned off.  The computer system they were using was as slow as molasses in January---definitely not state-of-the-art.   You would think that a computer repair shop, of all places, would have an up-to-date computer system.  And, with other customers standing in line, the guy taking info on our problem asked for all our personal information---name, address, phone number, password, etc--- in front of them so that they could hear. 

I told Cindy that we should go somewhere else, but she was desperate to get her problem solved right then.  So...we left the computer there and were told we would get a call when it was ready.  By the way---the Security Tool virus is particularly sinister--- it pilfers personal information like bank account numbers.  It is imperative to remove it asap.

Today, we got a call that it was repaired.  There was a different guy working at the shop when we got there, and he was really good.  Answered all our questions and turned a poor experience into a good one.  We got home and within minutes Cindy was back in business.  "You know", she said, "When a computer goes down it's almost like a death in the family."

Then, we went to vote.  We have early voting in Texas, and it is so much better to vote early and avoid the crowd on election day.  The line was short, and we were in and out in 10 minutes.

Then, we went to the new Taj Market that just opened up the street.  It is an Indian specialty shop.  It looks pretty good, but I got bored and finally went back to the car to wait on Cindy.  She bought a few different produce products.

So, we did accomplish a few things.  Word to the wise:  Be sure your firewall and anti-virus protection are enabled!


  1. Clint,
    I am glad, that the computer is back and we can
    have a chat this way again!

  2. I know that feeling of sadness when the computer isn't working! I had to give mine up for over a week months and months ago to send it in for repairs! I was lost!

    PS-I think it's funny you got bored at the store-such a man!

  3. DW&D---Ha. Well, there were these thousands of boxes of stuff---all labeled in Indian. I couldn't tell what anything was! But---that did not stop woman from looking at everything---picking stuff up, feeling it, wondering out loud what kind of foodstuff it was. I couldn't take it. Went to the car and listened to some jazz. :)