Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Furman University

Furman occupies the most scenic campus in the nation
The Front Entrance Beckons
As a high school senior in 1961, I was beginning to feel the pressure of choosing a college.  I was to have the honor of being the first in my family to have to opportunity of a college degree, so I really wanted to make the right choice.  I applied to the University of Georgia, just up the road from where I lived in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  I was quickly accepted, and I rejoiced.  However, I was bothered by the thought of going to such a large institution, away from home in an ocean of undergraduates.
The Historic Bell tower on the Lake
My high school counselor told me about a smaller school in South Carolina that might suit me better.  Furman University had smaller class sizes, excellent instruction and a brand new campus.  I discussed this with my parents, and we decided to travel to Greenville to see the facility first hand. 
The James Buchanan Duke Library
We were all very impressed.  The campus was still under construction, since the school had moved from their older campus in downtown Greenville over the past few years. 
The Chapel
The new campus was beautiful.  We were given a tour of the facilities by the registrar's office, and came away with an enthusiasm for the school.

I applied for admission, but my counselor cautioned me that my high school grades might not quite measure up to be accepted.  I worried about this for a few weeks, but one day in the mail came the good news!---I was going to be a Paladin!
President Bush Speaks
First, however, I had to find out what the heck a Paladin is.  There was a popular western TV show at the time called, "Have Gun, Will Travel".  The star of the show was named "Paladin" (Richard Boone was the actor).  In this series, he was a good guy, always righting wrongs and saving the day.  So I figured that "paladin" must be something very good.  I was right---"Paladin" means "One of the legendary peers of Charlemagne's court, a knightly champion".  Yes!---that sounded good to a 17 year old boy from Georgia.

My first few months at dear old FU were a little difficult as I tried to settle into a life away from home for the first time.  It was as much a learning experience as my classroom instruction.  Looking back on my four year college experience, I can see how Furman helped shape my thinking and view of life.  It was good.
The Paladins Kick Butt on Most Saturdays in the Fall
Today, Furman University occupies 750 acres on its campus outside Greenville, S. C.  Enrollment is approximately 2,550 undergraduate and 550 graduate students.  The university offers majors and programs in 42 subjects.  Founded in 1826, Furman is one of the top liberal arts colleges in the U. S.  More Furman grads have gone on to earn Ph.D. degrees than any other private liberal arts college in the south.
"Christo et Doctrinae"---For Christ and Learning
Furman's seal expresses this slogan:  "Christo et Doctrinae"  (For Christ and Learning).
Four Years of Hard Work Pays Off!


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  3. I'm proud of you and know your family is, also. Thanks for taking me to see the campus a few years ago, it truly was beautiful.

  4. Great write up on your alma mater! What a beautiful campus! The buildings, the trees, just spectakular! Sounds like you made the right choice with a great, great school!