Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Most Excellent Breakfast

Sometimes the simple things are the best.  For most meals I feast on Cindy's latest culinary masterpiece, but this morning I decided she should take a break.  I created this very simple, yet drop-dead delicious sandwich for my early repast.

Twelve-Grain bread, mayo, Inglehoffer stone-ground mustard, thin sliced sweet onion, sliced tomato, grated muenster cheese and smoked turkey breast.  YES!  For some crunch, I added to the side a few baked potato chips with jalapeno seasoning.  Oh yeah, babe.  That's the way uh huh uh huh I like it uh huh uh huh.

Washed down with iced green tea.  Should hold me until din-din, at which time the Cinderoo will once again wow me with another tour-de-force.


  1. Yes, your breakfast looked soooo good I had to make myself one just like yours! I saved you a little tomato bisque soup, it was delicious ♥

  2. I had to laugh when I saw your sandwich...proper Man Stuff,... loads of calories, then I noticed that Cindy had the same. It certainly looks very tasty. Wishing you both a very nice evening, with kind regards, Maria

  3. You're right, Maria! Cindy usually eats very healthy---so I was proud of myself for enticing her. Ha.

    My best to you.

  4. I must have potato chips with my sandwiches...looks wonderful!