Friday, October 22, 2010

New Orleans, The Crescent City, The Big Easy

New Orleans!
A number of years ago, Cindy and I fell in love with New Orleans.  We stayed at the Marriott on Canal Street in the French Quarter.  From the lofty view from our room, we had a great panoramic vista of the Mississippi River. 
The First Place We Ever Stayed in New Orleans---The Canal Street Marriott
Since then, we have returned many times, and we have developed a certain routine to our sightseeing.  After staying at several hotels in the Quarter, we decided that the Prince Conti on Conti Street best suits our tastes.  It is located a half block from Bourbon Street, so that the entire Quarter is within easy walking distance.  Literally hundreds of eateries of all descriptions are just steps away.
Our Hotel---The Prince Conti, a Few Yards From Bourbon Street
Typically, we rise early.  We hit the streets before pedestrian or automobile traffic begins in earnest, and head toward Jackson Square, about 15 minutes on foot.  Our destination:  Cafe DuMonde, where we take our chickory-laden coffee with their world famous beignets.  I like the beignets, but Cindy LOVES them.
What a Great Place to Begin!
Beignets and Chickory Coffee
We sit by the street and watch the street performers.  All around us are visitors from other states.  We usually make friends as we sip our morning joe and munch on the crisp, flaky sweetness of the beignets.  As we depart, we make sure our to-go cups are full.
Street Performers are Everywhere
We stroll by Jackson Square as the pedestrian hordes fill the sidewalks.  We observe the ever-present art stands that surround the square.
Jackson Square
We turn toward Royal Street and the waiting art galleries.  We will spend a few hours here, walking the street and observing/discussing the various works we enjoy.
The Royal Street Art District
The lunch hour approaches, and we turn our thoughts to food.  If you like thinking and talking about food, this is the place for you!  We decide to hit our favorite restaurant---the informal, inexpensive and high-quality Remoulades.  Owned by Arnauds, just around the corner, Remoulades occupies a high profile location on Bourbon Street.  As we "people watch", I order the shrimp etouffee and a side of onion rings.  Cindy digs into her shrimp salad.  I see her stealing some of my rings, but that is expected.
Remoulade's---Our Favorite Restaurant
I Cannot Resist Remoulade's Shrimp Etouffee
The early afternoon means it is time for a nap, so we walk about a hundred yards back to our digs at our hotel.
The Mighty Mississippi River curves in a Crescent Around the City
The afternoon calls us to the Mississippi River.  We take the Canal Street route, browsing in the many shops as we stroll.  At the river, we sit on one of the benches and just watch as the "Father of Waters" meanders past.  A Cruise ship docks at the port a quarter mile from us.  Barges ply past us, headed up river toward Baton Rouge.
Bourbon Street Before Sundown
Cindy is a Party Animal

We slowly walk back toward Bourbon Street.  At night, I buy a cigar and slowly work on it as we go from one end of the closed-off thoroughfare to the other, stopping occasionally to observe a performance.  We pass the historic Old Absinthe House, one of Cindy's favorite places.  Following a wonderful dinner at one of the many great eateries in the Quarter, we are back in our room by 10:00.
Interior of Old Absinthe House
Tomorrow we will eat at Commander's Palace in the Garden District, but for now it is beddie-bye, with visions of beignets and shrimp and jazz floating through our contented minds.


  1. I MISS NEW ORLEANS! Love this blog!

  2. You gave us a great picture of your yourney in
    New Orleans. So, whenever go to this place...
    I know where to eat (and drink)!
    With this post, dear Clint, I remembered old
    days, travelling with my husband all over the
    world. Even to Afrika!
    Wish you and Cindy a great weekend,

  3. Monika---You would love New Orleans. Yes, memories of our trvels are so special...Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I want to go! I have never been but just know I would love it! I love the pictures you share here! Great memories! That coffee and those beignets (sp?) look AMAZING!!!!!